Old Pipes in Central Florida

In Central Florida, the weather is humid subtropical for most of the year with average daily temperatures of around 70.7OF. July records the highest average temperature between 90OF and 95OF. The average lowest temperature is recorded in January in the range of 40OF to 45OF. Typically, the wet season lasts for six months between May and October, and hurricanes and tornadoes are a threat during this period. 

Throughout the previous century, cast iron pipes were used during the construction of homes across Central Florida. It was only in the 1980s that developers discontinued using such pipes. Even today, almost 40 percent of homes in Central Florida have cast-iron pipes. A major concern with these pipes is that they are susceptible to leaking and corrosion. The lifespan of cast iron pipes gets reduced here due to the inclement weather conditions.

Leaky old pipes can cause substantial damage since these are often under the slab or behind the walls and not visible. Pest infestations, clogged drains, popping-up tiles, separated or warped wood floors, and bad smells are all results of old pipes, which also pose a health hazard due to the corrosion. The cost of repairing or replacing cast iron old pipes can be huge. Add to this, the additional water damages due to leakages from the old pipes, and the costs can skyrocket.

A home insurance policy can provide the much-needed financial support to repair the damages and replace old pipes. When you prepare the claim, you want to get it done quickly so the contractor can start the repair and restoration work. However, many damages may not be visible and become apparent only once the work has commenced. By then, it’s too late to ask your insurer to re-evaluate the damage and revise the claim since you may have already accepted the settlement amount. As a result, you may find yourself short of hundreds or even thousands of dollars. So, what can you do in this situation?

Hiring a result-oriented public adjusting company like Experienced Public Adjusters can be helpful in this situation. Damage to old pipes is not visible until there are leaks and the damage may already have deeply impacted the walls or your home’s foundation. Our team of professional public adjusters knows all about the severity and extent of such damages and can also estimate the complete cost of repair and replacement. We will review the terms and conditions of your insurance policy to prepare the claim per the inclusions. Our goal is to get the maximum claim compensation for quick and complete repairs of the damages. Generally, we can help you receive up to five times more money than when you claim your own. There are no upfront fees and we are paid once you receive the claim amount.

Our team is available 24/7 and comprises experts from the field of insurance and property. We understand the way insurance companies function, and we deal with all obstacles and objections regarding documents, deadlines, and paperwork so that the claim process is smooth.

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