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You’ve suffered a loss to your property and you would like to file a claim with your insurance company. It’s a perfectly typical thing to do, but did you know that the insurance adjuster that is going to “help” you through the claims process works for the insurance company to advocate on their behalf? This person is an insurance professional who’s job is to save the insurance company money! The “help” you receive from this individual will in many cases result in additional out-of-pocket expenses for you.

There’s a Better Way to File An Insurance Claim

Contact Experienced Public Adjusters today to speak with a Licensed Public Adjuster who is an Insurance Professional that will advocate on your behalf! Most people are shocked to learn how much their insurance claim is worth and that they can be reimbursed for all of their losses. For example a Public Adjuster will know building codes that if your roof is damaged in Florida by more than 25% because of a cover peril then the insurance company has to replace the entire roof. There are many major details that an insurance company may intentionally not tell you or by pure incompetence not know to tell you or pay you for. A Public Adjuster is an Insurance Claims Expert that knows how to fight on your behalf to win a claim and get you paid fairly.

Free Insurance Claim Review

When you contact us we will review your insurance claim and your insurance policy for free! If we feel we can help you with your claim we’ll start the process. Experienced Public Adjusters will prepare and submit as needed:

  • All documentation required by your insurance company
  • Pictures of the damage to your property
  • Damage assessments from construction professionals
  • Mold assessments from licensed mold remediators
  • Legal documentation as required
  • Anything else that is needed to get you a fair settlement offer

We’ll keep you informed every step of the way through your insurance claim and when it comes time, we’ll let you know that you should accept the offer from the insurance company.

Contact Experienced Public Adjusters today to speak with an insurance professional that will fight for your rights!