Commercial Insurance Claims

Commercial Insurance Claims require the help of a Public Adjuster. A commercial loss can be devastating.

A natural disaster can suddenly and unexpectedly damages, stalls, or destroys your commercial business. In the critical aftermath of this disaster, it’s enough of a responsibility to cope with the devastating loss and to attempt to focus on keeping your customers and maintaining the operations of your commercial business. Do you also have the knowledge and time to properly handle your insurance company, insurance Adjusters, insurance Experts, and know-how to maximize a fair settlement from your insurance policy? They will naturally limit their financial exposure to your claim as they are for-profit organizations, which will include sending their own team, which will most likely be biased to underpay your insurance claim to assess the damage and make a determination of what they want to pay you. Who is your advocate to protect you from being mistreated and underpaid?

Our professional, experienced public adjusters are there to acts as your fiduciary agents from start to finish in your insurance claim process. Our public adjusters work only for you and your best interest, not the insurance company, and the profit they are seeking for their owners and shareholders. Experienced Public Adjusters with our experience and winning attitudes will fight to win by documenting, evaluating, and effectively negotiating the maximum settlement possible for you!

Do not settle for second best, so please do your research. We are the best at adjusting insurance claims. We have offices throughout the United States. We were Founded in Orlando, Florida, and have offices in Tampa, Orlando, and Naples and are expanding in all 50 states. We have been known as the best public adjusters in the industry. Our google reviews and testimonial speak for themselves. We look forward to serving you!

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