Merritt Island Public Adjuster

Merritt Island Public Adjuster

Overcoming damages and maximizing a fair settlement with a Merritt Island Public Adjuster…

Experienced Public Adjusters

When facing a devastating property loss, there is a growing trend in the insurance industry for insurance companies to deny or underpay claims. This make hirign and utilizing the services of a public adjuster in our opinion a requirement. A public insurance adjuster is a claim handler who acts on behalf of the insured or policyholder investigating and negotiating an insurance claim.

Only public adjusters are given a license The Florida Department of Financial Services and are legally recognized to represent the rights of an insured other than an attorney during the process of an insurance claim. We are an established public adjusting company with locations throughout Central Florida. You can contact our Merritt Island office at (407) 212-8669 or emailing us at

With the availability of our seasoned and experienced public adjusters, it is great news for the residents of Merrit Island and its surrounding areas such as Brevard, Volusia, Seminole, Orange, and Osceola County. With the help of Experienced Public Adjuseters the East Coast Florida market will be a part of transforming the insurance industry advocating for the homeowner and business owner and getting them paid fairly from big insurance companies. Our public adjusters are experienced experts at identifying damages and proper assessing the valuation of a loss.


Our Aims & Objectives 

Our Experienced Public Adjusters are ready to fight the challenges of every insurer in Merritt Island, Florida faces providing expertise and high-quality customer service helping the insured’s maximize fair settlements after suffering a devastating loss.

Do you need a fair settlement for your Merritt Island property insurance claim?

Has your insurance claim ever been denied or underpaid? Did you know you have up to 3 years to file a Hurricane claim and up to 4 years in Florida to pursue civil action or seek damages from your insurance carrier on all other claims?

These, among others, are what our experienced Merritt Island public adjusters resolve.  There is no doubt that policyholders can become confused when they do not know the way to navigate the insurance claims process and get compensated for their insurance loss.

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