Hurricane Claims

Hire a Hurricane Public Adjuster! Hire a Tropical Storm Public Adjuster!

Tropical Storms are often predicted to track toward Florida and also predicted to become Hurricanes as they enter the Gulf of Mexico. There are many track models and the forecasts often predict Florida will be in the path. The waters in the Gulf of Mexico are warmer and make the risk level of the severity and higher wind speeds of Hurricanes. Storms could make landfall with the different storm model near, Naples, Florida Keys, Miami, Florida Keys, Ft. Meyers, Clearwater, Central Florida Cities, Orlando, Daytona Beach, West Palm Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, Cedar Key, Pensacola, and well you just never know in the early stages. As the storms approach computer forecast models will become more predictable.

What we do know is that Florida will have wind damage, storm surge, damage to structures, flood damage, falling object damage, tree damage, flying debris damage, flying object damage, roof damage, window damage, and much more including water intrusion damage to homes and businesses.

A State of Emergency is called by your State Governor. Governor Desantis, once he does this has access to help from the Federal Government. FEMA is able to deploy to Florida and provide humanitarian support along with other help needed depending on the extent of the damage. There will be a substantial accumulation of rainfall which may cause flooding.

Most people will that have damage must be CAREFUL. Contractors, Out of State Public Adjuster, Emergency Services contractor will be knocking on people’s doors trying to get work. If someone has to knock on your door to get work then they are probably not very good at what they do.

There are only 3 people in the State Of Florida that are allowed by law to “Effectively Negotiate the Settlement” of an insurance claim after a hurricane.

  1. An Attorney
  2. A Florida Licensed Public Adjuster or sometimes called Private Adjuster
  3. The Insured!

Why do you want to hire a Public Adjuster! A Public Adjuster gets paid a percentage of what they recover so they have a vested interest in taking their time and make sure they fight to recover every penny you are owed. They are experienced wind storm adjusters and only are trained, and educated to represent insurance policyholders on 1st party property damage.

What is a Public Adjuster? In short, we are the best representatives you can have on your side to be paid and treated fairly by your insurance company!

HIRE A FLORIDA PUBLIC ADJUSTER! Why? Most insurance claims require a minimum of 2 or 3 inspections but it is highly possible that 5 or more inspections to the home or business that was damaged by the Tropical Storm or Hurricane. There are many adjusters that come in from out of state with a non-resident public adjusters license and sign people up and then they never come back to the property. Why would you want to hire someone that is not going to be there for every inspection requested by the insurance company so that you have your own onsite Public Insurance Adjuster to make sure that damages are pointed out and argued to make sure you have the best outcome. Your adjuster should be able to drive to your home or business at a moment’s notice so that your claim is not delayed for weeks. Most individuals are not construction experts or insurance claims experts. Find me an Attorney that is willing to crawl your attic to document and identify damages? Find me anyone that is qualified and licensed by the State of Florida and the Department of Financial Services that will get dirty and be onsite as soon as the storm passes to make sure all of your personal property is documented and your home inspected from getting on your roof to crawling on the floor looking for damages. They also know what a brittle test is to see if the asphalt shingle roof is even repairable so if it is not and there is any covered wind damage then your entire roof should be replaced.

Public Adjusters came into existence when insurance companies were taking advantage of their own policyholders and the general public that had policies. Insurance Companies operate to make a profit and not to lose money so they typically do not have your best interest in mind when inspecting your property. Most insurance companies hire emergency adjusters that have little or no training or independent adjusters who really care about how many claims they can get to and submit a quick estimate so they can get paid on as many claims as possible. A Public Adjuster knows the Florida Statutes pertaining to requirements of adjusters and also the Florida Statutes pertaining to 1st party property claims.

Experienced Public Adjusters will not only be there for all onsite inspections requested by the insurance company but they will extensively document the damages, provide a detailed estimate of the damages once all expert reports are completed. Your claim may require a restoration or inventory specialist to deem your personal property items salvageable or non-salvageable. You also may need an Engineer, Florida Licensed Mold Assessors, Florida Licensed Mold Remediators, Packing Company to protect your items, Emergency Services companies, Mitigation and Remediation Companies, Emergency Tarping companies.

How do you file an insurance claim for a hurricane? You would call your insurance company and ask to open a claim. Remember, you should have in our opinion already hired an experienced public adjuster. They will ask you questions to try and get you to answer questions that in most cases you are not even qualified to answer. For example, they may ask you what is damaged and how many rooms are damaged. Well, some damages are hidden in attics, and behind walls, or could be structural and not visible to the normal person.

Let an Expert Public Insurance Adjuster take over. We can’t promise but we can say with certainty that Experienced Public Adjusters is the best Florida Public Adjusting company and will provide you the best possible outcome. We are commercial property damage specialist and residential property specialist that know Florida Building Codes, Florida Construction Costs, Florida Industry Specific Issues that will arise, and we know the tactics of the insurance company that in most cases are in place to intentionally underpay insurance claims.

Never sign a contract with a contractor without reviewing the contract language, and using an attorney to review the contract would be wise. Many contractors will use a work authorization or a direction to pay and they tell you they will handle negotiating with the insurance company and then work gets done and the insurance company does not pay by denying coverage or underpays the insurance claim and the contractor can then put a mechanics lien on your property. HB 7065 was signed into law July 1st, 2019 by Florida Governor Desantis which puts many protections in place for contractors using Assignment of Benefits contracts or more commonly called AOB contracts. This law is important because it requires the contractor to put a “Hold Harmless Clause” to protect the insured or homeowner from any liability for the services they render. What it does not do is protect you from contractor completing mitigation or demo to your house without approval from the carrier to not only do the demolition but there is no guarantee at this point of the money to be paid to rebuild your home or business back to pre-loss condition. Furthermore, these contractors do not have the legal right to negotiate insurance claims. You need a Public Adjuster or an Attorney and that is a choice you have to make.

Our recommendation is to use your google search engine and search, “Public Adjusters near me” or “Public Adjuster near me” and hire a local Public Adjuster.

Remember every insurance policy is different and every insurance company treats you differently. There are so many insurance carriers such as Chubb, USAA, NetGen, Pure Insurance, Nationwide, Farmers Insurance, AIG, Cincinnati, Lloyds of London, and the list goes on!

Experienced Public Adjusters has 7 offices throughout the State of Florida and we are the highest-rated firm in the State of Florida. Why would you want to hire anyone that is not the best in their industry? We know the 25% rule for roof replacement in Florida. We know the building codes or energy saver codes to make sure your windows are brought up to code. We have experience in small homes, commercial properties small and large, luxury homes, custom homes, mansions, and more. We know it all! And if we do not know something we are surrounded by experts that will get you the right answer. We are a Team of Winners!

How long does it take for an insurance adjuster to come out? After a massive storm that answer can vary that it would not be fair for us to give you any timeline.

Experienced Public Adjusters has a team of Public Adjusters ready to deploy to your home or business! We offer Free insurance claim evaluations or reviews, and Free home or business inspections to identify damages.

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