Florida Public Adjuster

A Florida Public Adjuster or known as a Public Insurance Adjuster or Private Adjuster is a professional insurance claims handler and claims adjuster who advocates for the policyholder in appraising and negotiating a claimant’s insurance claim. Aside from attorneys and the broker of record, public insurance adjusters licensed state departments of insurance are the only type of insurance claims adjuster that can legally represent the rights of an insured during an insurance claim process. A public adjuster is beneficial at the start of the claims process but they are also a great help when it is clear that the insurer will pay the insurance claim and the only issue is the proper coverage and assessed valuation of the actual loss suffered the insured. Most public adjusters charge a percentage of the settlement. Primarily they investigate then appraise the damage, prepare an estimate and other claim documentation, read the insurance policy to determine coverage, and negotiate with the insurance company’s desk adjuster or field adjuster depending on who has the authority.

A Florida Public Adjuster is a representative of the policyholder who advises, manages, and submits a claim to the policyholder’s insurance company. They are Florida State licensed The Department of Financial Services. They also are experts at understanding Florida Statutes pertaining to property damage. Not to mention they will know the required code upgrades that pertain to your specific home or business loss.

Our staff works in conjunction with engineers, accountants, lawyers, mold assessors and other experts to make sure to get you the maximum compensation for your damages. Our dedicated team of professionals is here to alleviate the burden associated with the insurance claim process. We enjoy working with our customers and look forward to meeting with you. We understand that time is a critical factor for all of us.

It’s vital to know what we do and how we’re unlike other insurance company adjusters. When you file a claim with your insurance provider, you must follow strict rules and regulations in order to get your claim approved. Insurance company adjusters work on behalf of the insurance provider and will do everything they can to make sure that they are working in the insurance company’s best interest. When you file a claim with an expert public adjuster, however, we work on your behalf. We understand the complex rules and regulations and are able to cut the Gordian knot to get most cases accepted and resolved quickly. We follow through on claims from start to finish, and have experience doing it. We’re easily available for your questions before and after you begin working with us.

While no one ever wants anything damage to happen to their home or business, it’s important to know what to expect and who you should contact first to make your home safe, secure, and repaired. We’re always available for you and handle the claim from start to finish. Because we understand the value of your home, we go above and beyond to settle your claims quickly and easily, so you can get back to feeling safe and secure with your loved ones. You can always count on us when you need help.

About Us:

  • Experienced Public Adjusters will work with you from Start to Finish.
  • We Handle Most All Property Claims – Big or Small.
  • We Are Florida State Licensed and Bonded and Insured.
  • We Work on Your Behalf – Not The For-Profit Insurance Provider.
  • We Provide More Assistance in Your Time of Need And Take The Burden Off You and Your Family!

 Various Claim Types Experienced Public Adjusters Handles:


We’re here to help with your insurance claim needs.  We are your Florida Public Adjuster, contact us today!