Commercial and Residential Claim Representation

Commercial and Residential Claim Representation Is Experienced Public Adjusters Specialty!

Insurance Claim Representation for Commercial & Residential Customers in The United States


Before you call the Insurance Company, you should contact an Experienced Public Adjuster. It is so important to document and start the insurance claim process right the first time. You only get one shot at opening a claim. There are no do-overs.
A full free onsite property inspection, free insurance policy review, and free consultation will need to occur with the property owner or owners to put a strategy together for a successful outcome. This is a free service offered Experienced Public Adjusters and you are under no obligation to use us after unless you decide we have earned the right to represent you. High definition and quality photographs of the damage we see as a requirement to be taken, information collected, and a detailed inspection report will need to be obtained from the loss before your insurance company is notified. You do not want to be unprepared for the first inspection. The more you are prepared the more likely you are for a successful outcome and ultimately a fair settlement.

First, we need to find the location of the problem, what caused the damage or loss, when it happened, or when you first noticed it, how it happened, and if mitigation is needed to prevent further damage. The insurance carriers are likely to come up with their theories, and usually, they are not theories that work in your favor. This allows us to have all the information to dispute any theory they may have with the details and the facts of the claim.

Also, the photos of any photos you can take before we get onsite are very important. Once we arrive, we will photograph all areas with detailed photos of your damages and cause of loss! Your insurance company is going to send out their company adjuster or independent adjuster, and they will take some photos but remember these adjusters are either salaried or are paid a small amount per claim so most care about the volume of claims they can visit not the quality of the inspection they perform. You can’t control entirely what their adjuster’s document or photograph while onsite completing their inspection. So the more we have to dispute their theories the better! Keep in mind most insurance companies do not give the power of the purse to their field adjusting team and ultimately, the estimate they send to the desk adjuster and photographs have been known to be changed before your initial undisputed payment is made. So again, this is why what we document and photograph is so important.

Filing an insurance claim, the insurance carrier will want you to complete expeditiously, leaving rooms for mistakes. You have duties after a loss that you have to comply with, which we will help you complete. Letting their field adjuster rush out there without you having proper representation and documentation is not the way to start an insurance claims process that will provide you the best outcome. We can file all of the claims paperwork for you and contact your insurance company together. This will prevent both spoken and written mistakes, which will allow the claim to start off properly, allowing for the rest of the insurance process to run with as little hurdles as possible until we reach the negotiation process so we can finalize your claim and provide you a maximized settlement. If you have already called in and filed your insurance claim, you still need us to step in and help. Especially if you have already received a payment, this will now give us the ability on a covered claim to make sure they paid you properly, and if they have not, which is more than very likely, we will fight a supplement claim to get you paid fairly.