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Our industry is not one commonly known to most people across the United States. We hope to change that and make hiring an Experienced Public Adjuster a household name! Many people ask the question, “What is a Public Adjuster?” A Public Insurance Adjuster is a person working as licensed, certified Public Claims Adjuster who works as a highly trained and skilled representative of an insurance policyholder. They have the right to adjust different types of 1st party property claims but Experienced Public Adjusters specializes in representing the insured with their commercial and residential insurance claims. A home or a business claim is the most important things to a family. Your business provides the revenue to support your family and your home is usually the largest investment any family ever makes. As they say, “Home is where the heart is!” Let our team of adjusters work with you to put your life back together where it was before you suffered a loss. They will work tirelessly to make certain all insurance claims are reported properly and documented properly from the start of the claims process then fight to get you a fair settlement after your loss. State Licensed Public Adjusters or sometimes called Private Adjusters can legally represent and fight for the rights of their clients.

A Public Adjuster becomes invaluable when they have the technical expertise required to properly interpret the wording in insurance policies. This knowledge of insurance policies allows the owners to know what is available to them but also to receive the maximum possible compensation for their loss. A Public Insurance Adjuster is someone who cares about you and wants to serve the publics’ best interest. At Experienced Public Adjusters, we feel we have the best loss adjusters in the industry. Do your research on our team of adjusters and select the loss adjuster you feel is best suited for you! We promise they will not let you down!

If you hire a Florida Public Adjuster or North Carolina Public Adjuster, you will get the same level of experience and expertise if you decide to hire Experienced Public Adjusters. We are currently expanding throughout the United States so we can serve all Americans. 

We represent homeowners and business owners in a variety of insurance claims, from plumbing leaks to hurricane insurance claims. Water damage, hail damage, fire damage, and wind damage claims based on studies are the most frequent losses a home will suffer. 

We advise you that its best to always hire a local adjuster for many reasons. They understand the local construction costs, state and local building codes, permitting requirements, state statutes, and most importantly they can be onsite for all inspections that may need to take place. Many people will search for either “Public Adjusters near me” or “Public Adjuster near me.” They are right to do so! Just remember to do you research on not just the Public Adjusting company, but the individual Public Adjuster, and please do not forget to look up the public adjuster reviews. They will always tell you the story of the experience of others about the company and the adjuster you are considering to hire. 

Problems are typical when someone suffers a covered loss and the insurance company’s adjuster or independent adjuster, who works for them tells you how much your loss is worth. It is in their interest to pay you as little as they can. On the contrary, your Experienced Public Adjuster works for you and is only paid a portion of the money you receive. It is in theirs and your best interest to get you every dollar owed that is available to you within the insurance policy to get you a fair settlement! If you have suffered a property damage loss call us first for a free onsite inspection or a free consultation of your insurance claim. We will act as your fiduciary agent, advocate for you and fight for your rights.

Founder, David Dwyer established Experienced Public Adjusters in Orlando, Florida. After a short time, we have built a team of the highest-rated Central Florida Public Adjusters in the State of Florida. Now Experienced Public Adjusters is coming to all 50 states from California to New York. We will stand ready to serve you!

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Kevin WillisMarch 19, 2020

David is extraordinary in his profession and has a genuine concern for his clients that is second to none. He demonstrated the highest caliber of expertise, tirelessly worked on our behalf, very personable, and knew the claim process inside and out. In all my years I have never seen this level of expertise in any field and

Eddie BrinkleyInsured State Farm

Awesome job David Dwyer. We are so thankful for his service. I highly recommend Experienced Public Adjuster, they will truly fight for you.” Eddie Brinkly (Nezzie Pickney Claim)

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