What is Public Adjusting

What does Public Adjusting mean?

You’ve heard of insurance adjusters and claims adjusters, but do you know what are public adjusters or public adjusting, and how this affects your life?
There are three kinds of insurance adjusters:
Company adjusters. Company adjusters that are employed by the insurance company.
Independent adjusters. Independent adjusters work on their own and are usually hired by insurance companies.
Public adjusters. A public adjuster like Experienced Public Adjusters, is an unbiased party, licensed by the department of finance to represent the public in an insurance claim process.
In other words, ‘public adjusting’ is not an insurance company’s entitlement but an insurance policy holder’s prerogative.
So, what role does public adjusting play in your life? Public adjusting is related to home insurance, so it’s important to first understand homeowner’s insurance. No matter where you live, you always need home insurance to protect you against the vagaries of nature as well as from unforeseen circumstances that can occur anytime, anywhere, and without any warning. By paying a small amount of money as a premium, each year, you can purchase protection for your house, its surrounding structures, and your possessions. Depending on the type of policy that you opt to buy and the amount of premium that you wish to pay, you have a panoply of benefits to choose from. A homeowner’s insurance policy also provides for loss of use coverage, personal liability insurance, and medical payments coverage.

There are homeowner’s insurance policies that offer replacement cost which means giving you the money needed to replace a damaged item with one of a similar type without deducting depreciation. With an actual cash value policy, you can get the amount required to replace the damaged item minus depreciation. If your home is devastated or damaged beyond repair, a typical homeowner’s policy will pay to replace it up to the limits of the policy. Some insurance companies offer a guaranteed replacement cost that pays whatever it costs to rebuild your home to pre-disaster condition.

It’s better to buy a comprehensive homeowner’s policy as it will provide you with protection against natural calamities as well as other disasters like theft, vandalism, fire, roof damage, plumbing leaks, etc. However, it does not include loss or damage due to flooding, and for that, you need to purchase a separate policy through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).
Besides purchasing a good homeowner’s policy, you should also ensure that you read it thoroughly and understand it properly, especially the declarations page, which mentions the exclusions. Accidents don’t come with a warning, and when they happen, you may be unprepared for them. So, as a matter of utmost caution, you should always have an updated list of your possessions, including furniture, electronics, artifacts, etc, stored in a safe place. When you register a claim after a disaster, insurance companies always try to reduce or deny it as it’s not in their best interest. They are in this business for profits, so your inconvenience doesn’t matter to them. If you do not have adequate insurance cover, it can affect the amount of compensation you get. To get over all these problems when filing a claim, it’s best to have a public adjuster by your side.

Why do you need a public adjuster or public adjusting?
A simple example will explain why you need a public adjuster when filing a claim.
Last year, a pipe burst in the bathroom, and by the time I switched off the main valve, around 6-7 hours had elapsed. The insurance claims adjuster paid a visit and offered a paltry amount for repairs, so I asked a public adjuster for a free claim review. Since the water had traveled through the ceiling into the living room below, damaging the wooden flooring, the public adjuster estimated a much higher amount for repairs.
Only the superficial damage is obvious to a normal person, but a public adjuster knows exactly where to look and find an acceptable solution. This ensures that you receive an equitable settlement.
When you hire Experienced Public Adjuster, you hire complete peace of mind! We manage your claim process keeping the smallest of details in mind. Commencing with filling-up the claim form correctly with item descriptions, quantities, and costs to be present ‘on-site’ to oversee the insurance adjuster’s inspection, we’re there right by your side. We have a professional team that is well-versed in insurance matters and aware of building codes and state statutes. In case there is a requirement, they call in experts from different fields like engineering, architecture, and construction to ensure satisfactory resolution of matters.
During a claims process, the insurance company will depute a company adjuster to inspect your damage and to ensure that it falls under your policy coverage and that a claim is warranted. The job of a claims adjuster is to complete an exhaustive report that would be in favor of his employer, the insurance company and not you. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to have a public adjusting firm’s representative present on-site. As a layperson, your acts of omission and commission may be detrimental to your interests. Leaving all the technical details to a public adjuster firm like Experienced Public Adjusters is the wise thing to do as we are experienced in dealing with insurance companies, and we understand the way they work. Moreover, the insurance claims adjusters are not knowledgeable enough to deal with issues like building codes and state statutes. They often overlook important details which may have long-term consequences like structural damage or mold due to water seepage.
In your time of stress and financial difficulties, our expert team at Experience Public Adjusters is at your service. We take over the entire claims responsibility and ensure that you receive a fair settlement. We are experienced, skilled, trained, and available to you whenever you need us. We have offices all over the U.S and have an excellent track record.
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