Commercial Hurricane Public Adjuster

Many regions of the country are bracing now for the possible impact of a Hurricane. At a time like this, while protecting lives is the most important, it is also imperative for business owners to minimize the loss and damage to their commercial property. The experience of major hurricanes of the past, such as Katrina, Ike, and others, have ensured that most businesses have hurricane planning and protocols. It is also critical that commercial property should be covered with the right insurance, and damage from hurricane claims should be filed in the right way. 

Whether the business has the right insurance coverage and receives a hurricane insurance claims settlement that makes up the loss suffered can determine its future survival. Hurricanes can lead to a host of complex issues for a business. Retail and hospitality businesses may face the problem of spoilage of perishable inventory. All kinds of companies are likely to suffer a closure of operations, power outages, and damage to buildings. 

During and after the hurricane, the business owner or managers will be dealing with a multitude of challenges that may include care for employees or support for customers. At this time, it is also important to initiate the hurricane insurance claims process. This is the reason why it is best to reach out to a public claims adjuster. This certified and licensed professional will create a plan to get you the best possible settlement from your insurance provider.

If your business suffers any loss or damage due to the tropical storm Isaias, speak to us at Experienced Public Adjusters. We will help you to understand the full extent of benefits under your insurance policy, and check whether you have coverage for ‘business interruption’. We have the experience and will get the right experts on board to assess the extent of damages and estimate the cost of repairs and restoration. 

These services are precious to owners of office buildings, condominiums, hotels, and restaurants, retail outlets, educational institutions, manufacturing, or healthcare facilities.     

Your insurance company may put you in touch with an adjuster, but this individual is working with the company’s interest in mind. When you hire us, we work only in your best interest. We study your insurance contract and manage all the documentation required for filing a hurricane insurance claim for your commercial property.

The hurricane insurance claims package must include reports and photographs that prove the damage your commercial property has suffered and the cost estimates for repair work.

We then represent you in negotiations with the insurer to get the best possible settlement and restore your commercial property to its ‘pre-loss’ condition. As you pay us a part of the settlement you receive, we are motivated to get you the best deal possible.

This is the right time to put a process in place to prepare for a Hurricane. Call us for a free consultation.