Hail Damage Claim Tampa

Tampa in Florida has a rich cultural heritage and is a popular tourist destination. Like the other Florida cities, Tampa experiences very hot and humid summers. Unfortunately, for homeowners, summer is also the hailstorm season in the city. Thunderstorms and hailstorms in Tampa occur from May to July, with heavy rains, damaging winds, tornadoes, hail, and lightning. Being a coastal region, Tampa experiences several spells of temperature and pressure differences between the land and the sea, causing storms.  

Did you know that the largest hail pellet recorded in Florida was about 4.5 inches? Yes, hail pellets can be pretty big and enough to damage property. In fact, hail can be dangerous to people out in the open during a storm. So if you hear government warnings about a hailstorm, try to remain indoors or in the basement. Since the pellets are big, they can smash the roof, windows, walls, and doors of your home.

According to the Hail Hazard and Its Impact on Property Insurance Report by Verisk, 6.2 million properties were affected in the US. This is reason enough to protect your beloved home with good home insurance. Purchasing home insurance gives you a great feeling of comfort as you feel protected; however, be prepared to fight for your rights when the time comes to make a claim. You’ll need support during this challenging time, so signing up with a reputed public adjusting firm like Experienced Public Adjusters is the right thing to do. 

Now let’s see what Experienced Public Adjusters can do for you?

Our professional team of adjusters at Experienced Public Adjusters is licensed by the state Department of Finance and we are extremely skilled at what we do. We are knowledgeable about insurance as well as property issues and keep ourselves abreast of the latest information and changes in state regulations and building codes. We are ethical and transparent in our dealings, keeping you informed at all stages of the claims process. Sometimes insurance companies can try underhand methods to reduce your claim but remember we’re there for you, always vigilant and trustworthy. We know the way the insurance company works and are ready to challenge them. Our objective is to get you your rightful claim.   

At Experienced Public Adjusters, our team understands that you have paid your premiums on time and deserve every bit of the compensation promised by your insurance providers. Hail damage can be quite complicated and costly. The issues are manifold – first, you need to have the expert vision to detect the damage and then ensure that reliable contractors are involved in the repair. In case of roof damage or water pipe damage, you need to ensure that problems do not persist after repair. Water leaks may cause mold, your roof may need to be replaced, and new building codes to be adhered to; trust us, we’ll handle all these problems satisfactorily and negotiate for the best settlement possible.

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