Is A Pipe Slab Leak Covered

Is a leak from a pipe inside a concrete slab covered under a homeowner’s policy?

The answer depends on your specific insurance policy language. Slab leaks or Pipe Leaks in slabs typically allow for coverage to all the resulting damage from the leak. This includes gaining access to the pipe through the concrete slab and replacing the concrete slab that was needed to gain access. The pipe its and the cost to repair it typically is not covered. If this happens inside your home and floods your home then the water damage to all affected materials and contents is usually a covered loss under most standard policies. Be careful when you buy your policy or when opening a claim to read your policy or call your agent to make sure there is not a $10,000 water cap on your homeowner’s policy. Plumbing leaks can cause extensive damage! Some of the damages may not be visible and require further inspection. Having an Experienced Public Adjusters come out and do a free home inspection and free claim evaluation should always be your first phone call.

Make sure you photograph everything and please do not allow a plumber to come out and talk you into repiping your house before you have a chance to make a decision if you are opening an insurance claim.

If the damage is even minor you should always call a Public Adjusters to come out to do a free evaluation of the claim and preferably before the claim is called in.

Experienced Public Adjusters has a team of public adjusters standing by to come out the same day to meet you on your property to help you go through your policy and establish if the policy allows for coverage. We will also evaluate the claim and walk you through the process of making sure you get paid fairly.

Public Adjuster is an advocate for you the insured to protect you and make sure you receive the maximum payment you deserve for your loss.

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