Hail Damage Orlando

Orlando is one of the most popular vacation cities in Florida. It gets very busy when travelers from all around the world flock in to see the theme parks and enjoy the various entertainment avenues. However, tourists should avoid visiting during the summer, especially from June onwards, as hurricane season sets in. This is a stressful time for homeowners as they have to be extra vigilant about their properties. Strong winds, heavy rainfall, lightning, thunderstorms, and hail are natural calamities that play havoc with your property. According to StormerSite, in the year 2021, there were 13 major hailstorm reports near Orlando with pellets the size of golf balls! We at Experienced Public Adjusters believe that it is important for you to know the consequences of hail damage and be prepared to protect your home with good home insurance. 

As a layperson, you may not know how to detect hail damage and the reason why hail can be dangerous. Hailstorms primarily affect rooftops and walls but can be harmful to humans and livestock too. Do you know the factors on which the magnitude of the damage depends? Firstly. it is the wind direction and speed. Gusty winds can result in massive storms accompanied by thunder and lighting. Violent storms can cause hail, wind, water, or lightning damage, resulting in more trouble. Next, the size of the pellets also determines the extent of the damage. Since the pellets do not have smooth edges, they can easily break a window or burst a pipe. Therefore, after a hailstorm, you need to carefully inspect your property to note everything you need to repair. 

However, your building may face less damage if there are natural barriers like trees or buildings that guard your property. After hail damage, remember to check for black or brown spots on the rooftop. You may notice minor or prominent bumps on the surface. Apart from normal cracks, you may also notice blistering, loss of granules, and flaking. Please do not forget to check for leakage because even a small crack in a water pipe can wet the roof or walls and further deteriorate your property.

Why do you need Experienced Public Adjusters in case of hail damage?

Most homeowners have home insurance, and once you inform your insurance provider about the mishap, they’ll send their field inspectors to your home. By hiring Experienced Public Adjusters, you can be sure that your damages will not be overlooked; our skilled team will carry out a detailed inspection of all hail damage. We will address all the insurance adjuster’s queries appropriately and inspect the loss to determine the compensation amount accordingly. Insurance companies are just like any other profit-making organization; they will try to maximize their profits by showing reduced damage to your property. They will look for ways to reduce your claim amount. Since hail damage can cause multiple issues, which may or may not be covered by your home insurance, you should leave the claim filing to us. We have years of experience and the know-how to assist you from the start of the claims procedure until you receive your desired settlement.

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