Burst Pipes Central Florida

Central Florida has a humid subtropical climate. Homeowners in Florida may never have to worry about the extreme cold during the winters but may have to spend more on installing air conditioners instead. However, another big investment is installing and maintaining the internal plumbing of your home. If you’re not careful about the internal plumbing, you may have to spend a lot due to burst pipes resulting in water damage. Since the weather conditions don’t cause freezing of the pipes in your home, you would not expect to face the problem of burst pipes. Even so, there are other reasons why you may face such a situation. 

So, let’s understand why do pipes burst?

Poor installation of pipes is one of the primary reasons you may have to face a pipe burst. Poorly fitted pipes or loose pipe clamps can cause pipes to move when there are fluctuations in water pressure. When the pipes move, it automatically loosens the joints and gradually causes leakage. This movement or collision is termed water hammering. Increased water pressure also causes pipe bursts and leakage problems. Many homes in Central Florida have old and weak pipes. Therefore, increased water pressure can cause further damage. As a homeowner, to prevent such mishaps, it is prudent to use valves to regulate the water pressure or, better still, install a smart water leak detector.  

To prevent clogging, many homeowners use chemicals to clean the sediments from their pipes. This can gradually lead to corrosion and weaken the pipes causing frequent leakage. Plastic or PVC pipes do not corrode easily, but copper or steel pipes are more prone to erosion. Residents of Central Florida are well aware of the hurricane season and the heavy downpour that affects the internal drainage. Due to heavy rainfall, the ground underneath your pipes is mostly likely to shift due to saturation. It causes added pressure on the pipes, causing them to burst. So it’s a good idea to purchase comprehensive home insurance to protect your property against a variety of perils, including damage due to pipe bursts.  

 Why do you need Experienced Public Adjusters?

Water damage claim is considered to be the third most expensive home insurance claim after fire and lightning, costing insurance companies an average of 11,098 US dollars per claim. Having to pay such huge amounts is likely to eat into the profitability of insurance companies. As a result, they may look for ways to reduce or deny your claim. Consult a good public adjusting firm like Experienced Public Adjusters to present your claim so that you get the settlement you deserve.  

Insurers will always try to pay less, but restoration after water damage is a costly affair. You will need to change the pipes, wallpaper, and flooring in case of extensive damage. If you settle for cheaper alternatives, then the problem will resurface. Therefore, you cannot settle for anything less than the best solution. Similarly, why choose any other public adjuster but the best in Central Florida. We at Experienced Public Adjusters work for the people and believe in securing your rights as a responsible homeowner.

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