Water Damage Claims Orlando

Experienced Public Adjusters is a team of highly trained Public Insurance Adjusters. We specialize in every type of water damage claim in Orlando, Florida. From plumbing leaks, pipe leak, a pipe burst. wax seal leak, sewer blockage, supply line leak, HVAC, Air handler clogs, and more. We Founded Experienced Public Adjusters, LLC in Orlando, Florida. We are now expanding our advanced training program and opening offices throughout the United States.

Ask yourself these questions and then call us!

  1. Did you get a denial or partial denial for long term seepage?
  2. Did your insurance company send out a Mold Assessor to make sure your water damage claim did not leave behind molds that could be dangerous?
  3. Did they tell you to have a Licensed Florida Mold Remediator come out to make your home safe from the mold discovered by the Mold Assessor?
  4. Most of the time they will do neither of the above-mentioned items in #2 and #3 because they do not want to open up your mold limit on your policy. Did they pay you anything out of your mold limit available to you on your policy? (Most policies have this coverage except typical State Farm does not offer it without requesting it.)
  5. Did you get paid for hollow tiles that may have been de-bonded due to your water loss?
  6. Where you paid for all your cabinets if they were damaged by the water loss?
  7. Did the water damage get any of your electrical wires or outlets wet? Did they perform a megohm test?

These are just a few questions to think about. Then let an Experienced Public Adjuster do our job to get you treated and paid fairly. We also hold them to implementing the proper standards of investigation of a claim.

If you are asking yourself, “What is a Public Adjuster? That is simple we are expert negotiators that have a vast knowledge of the insurance claim industry and insurance policy language. We are also well versed in 1st party property Florida Statutes in order to keep the insurance company honest and what we can promise you is that they operate to make a profit for their owners and shareholders. They are not on your side. We advocate for your best interest and fight for every penny you are owed.

If you are looking for the Top Rated and most Experienced Public Adjusting Team calls us for a Free Insurance Claim Evaluation and a Free Onsite Inspection. There is no obligation to sign with us. Orlando Water Damage claims are our specialty.

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