Pipe Leak Claim

A pipe leak is a water damage problem that often tends to be ignored but can turn out to be very expensive for you. If you have a pipe leak in your home, you should ensure you tackle the issue before it gets worse. 

As soon as you notice a leak in your home, your first reaction should be to stop the flow of water! Then quickly document the damage with photographs to provide as evidence for your insurance claim. Once that is taken care of, then move furniture and carpets to a safe place, away from the seeping water. At this time, you should allow the air to circulate freely in the room by opening windows, and remove the collected water as best as you can. Further, as a precaution do turn off your electricity to avoid electrocution. 

Common reasons for pipe leaks:

  • Water pipes may develop leaks because of corrosion, freezing in winter, getting perforated by sharp objects underground or due to natural wear and tear. 
  • A sudden increase in water pressure may create tension on the pipe joints, valves, or faucets, resulting in leaks. 
  • During repairs or while cleaning the house, you may, without realizing it, disturb water supply pipes, which could cause pipe leaks. 

You may not consider a minute leak as important enough to attend to immediately however over a period of time these can cause widespread water damage or mold. And, this water damage may ruin your electronic equipment, furniture, and even walls. Things that you treasure like clothing, confidential papers, and photographs too may get spoiled and mold may develop in them due to dampness. 

While your home insurance may pay you for water damage due to a leaking pipe, there’s a possibility that they may not cover the cost of repairing a leaking pipe! It is observed that most insurance companies try to settle claims quickly at a less than an acceptable amount. Therefore, property owners should carefully read the clauses related to water damage coverage in their insurance policies. When you file a pipe leak claim, the insurance company will send a claims adjuster to inspect your home, and to establish the reason for the pipe leak. They may dispute that your furniture was ruined due to your carelessness and not caused by leaking pipes. Or they may counter that your policy does not cover water damage caused by leaking pipes. This is the time when you need the services of a public adjuster, who will study the insurance policy to find out the coverage, and viewing the damage may decide to hire experts, and then negotiate with the insurance company for a fair settlement.

Public claims adjusters are licensed by the state department of insurance and have the technical knowledge and expertise to negotiate with your insurer. They are in a better position to advise the correct dry-out and moisture mapping procedures, restoration, and sanitization by experts and using certified hygienists to support your claim. 

For expert assistance in filing pipe leak insurance claims, contact Experienced Public Adjusters today!