Old Water Pipes in Orlando

If you own a home in Orlando that was constructed before 1975, it is likely that cast iron pipes were used in your plumbing system. Over time, these cast iron pipes have started corroding and now may crack or disintegrate. Orlando has witnessed an increase in claims related to old pipes because cast iron pipes often have a finite lifespan of around 50 years. But factors like the humid climate in the city can significantly reduce their life to as low as 20 years. Summers in Orlando are long, hot, oppressive, wet, and mostly cloudy, and winters are short, cool, and partly cloudy. Other influences like acidic sewage, construction activities, and environmental toxins further impact the durability of cast iron pipes.

A common issue with old pipes is backups in sewage lines. Over time, the collection of minerals and debris in the pipeline results in unpleasant odors, water damage on walls and ceiling, and stained carpets. Damaged old pipes can also hinder your home’s water supply. Further, when these old pipes start leaking, the standing water can result in mold, which could pose a health hazard. Usually, pipes are hidden behind walls and slabs, so detection of fissures and leakages is not easy. Repairing old pipes can be time-consuming and expensive, and you may believe that your home insurance company will pay for it.

Unfortunately, insurers are often reluctant to pay such claims, and old pipes claims are not as simple as you would hope. The primary objective of insurers is to increase their profits, and paying every claim affects their profitability. Insurance companies and their adjusters work with the claims department to either reduce or offer low payouts. So, don’t be surprised if your insurance company resists paying your claim. This is why you need a trusted public adjuster like Experienced Public Adjusters to keep your best interests in mind while working on your claim. 

Our team of experts understand the distress old pipe damages can cause. Additionally, we understand your issues and frustration of dealing with insurance companies and their adjusters while fighting for your rightful claim. Often, insurers may offer lower settlements based on some technicality or exclusion but a detailed review of the insurance policy may show that the company is liable to pay for the damages resulting from old pipes. We realize that most homeowners are not aware of the minute details within their insurance policies or the governing laws. This makes it easier for insurers to deny or offer lower settlements.

Experienced Public Adjusters work with you during the entire claim procedure and meticulously document the damages while evaluating the inclusions and exclusions under the insurance policy. We also prepare a detailed estimated repair cost and set up an appointment with the insurance adjuster to ensure no damages are missed out. Our professionals also get all the required paperwork ready and fill out the necessary forms within the timelines to avoid any possibility of denial due to a lapse of allowed time. There are no upfront fees, and we are paid a certain percentage of the claim amount as their fees.

It all starts with a consultation; call Experienced Public Adjusters today on (888) 881-8416 to schedule a discussion about your old pipes damages claim in Orlando.