How Do I Dispute An Insurance Settlement?

I think almost all American’s would be asking the same question if they knew what they should really have been paid on an insurance claim!

How can I dispute an insurance settlement?

How would I dispute an insurance claim payment?

We see the answer as very simple. As long as you have not signed a “Full and Final Release” with your insurance company, then you should hire Experienced Public Adjusters! We can go back many years, depending on your state, and reopen a claim that was not paid fairly or partially denied or paid but under the deductible! We would review your claim documents and request all the documents from the insurance company that took advantage of you and make sure they pay you fairly. Of course, until we see the file, there is nothing we can guarantee, and even after reviewing the file, there is no guarantee. However, if the file is close, it does not cost you a thing to let us take over, and if we accept the file, if we do not win and get you any additional money, then it cost you nothing. If we do win, then you pay us a contingency fee on what we recover. So really it is a win, win for both parties. We specialize in fire claims, pipe leak claims, water damage claims, large loss claims, commercial property damage claims, hurricane claims, any claim that has done damage to a home or business!

There are multiple reasons why claims are not paid properly:

  • Inexperienced Adjusters sent out to write estimates and evaluate claims the insurance companies.
  • Guidelines insurance companies that do not match up with the proper standards of investigation of a claim so that money does not get paid fairly to an insured. Remember, all insurance companies are private for-profit companies. Or they are Publicly traded like Chubb Limited and are responsible to their shareholders to return quarterly profits.
  • Poorly trained insurance company adjusters
  • Poorly trained and inexperienced independent Adjuster hired insurance companies to investigate and pay your insurance claim.
  • Desk Adjuster with no experience or field experience, but they try to adjust the damages of your home from pictures and 3rd party individuals sometimes not license in anything to pay out your claim.
  • We even had one insurance company attempt to say that they did a proper investigation of a hurricane claim where the interior and exterior of the home was destroyed, saying they could tell that the claim had no merit to pay damages because they had claimed to send out a drone over the home. Which later, we found out never happened.
  • In some states like Florida, all you have to do is pass an online 40-hour course, and you are now allowed to adjust claims for an insurance company. You could have no prior experience in construction, building codes, writing estimates, inspecting losses, understanding insurance policy language, and I could go on, but I would have to write a book.
  • All Adjuster have to provide their license if asked, and their experience and history as an adjuster, including if they have taken their continuing education courses, is public information. For example, in Florida, if you want to check on an adjuster’s experience and make sure they have an active legal appointment, you would search, “Department of Financial Services Adjuster License Search.” Then you would click on the Department website and enter their first and last name, and it should provide you all their information. If they do not come up as licensed Adjuster, then there is a more serious violation if they act as adjusters in the State of Florida or any state for that matter without the proper Adjuster’s license.
  • If they are emergency adjusters, what that means to you is they were hired during a natural disaster and rushed through getting licensed because the insurance industry was understaffed. They will almost always make mistakes as they have no idea what they are doing.
  • Furthermore, out of state non-resident adjusters are always adjusting claims in states that they do not reside. So they never know the state statute in the state they are working and barely have the basic understanding of adjusting and no idea of local and state building code requirements, or permitting requirements, or local construction costs.
  • They all use Xactimate, which is a software streamline for the industry, but it does not know how to price out custom or specialty items. It does not know how to take into consideration large increases in the cost of construction after let’s say a hurricane.

The bottom line is the insurance companies have low-level adjusters working for them in every state, and most of them are not skilled, have very little to no training, and are in our opinion not qualified after taking a 40-hour course to evaluate your home and implement the proper standards of investigation of your home, and ultimately the knowledge, competence, and expertise to pay you fairly.

Give Experienced Public Adjusters a chance to review your claim or call us from the very start. We promise you this. We are highly trained and experienced in the insurance claim industry to ensure we monitor them to make sure they do their job! Then we will use our effective negotiating skills to work toward helping you reach an amicable settlement.

Its Free To Call! We have an Expert and Skilled Public Adjuster standing ready to help!