How Do I File A Complaint Against My Insurance Company?

Many people have the desire to file a complaint against their homeowners’ insurance company. There are many insurance companies that do not act in good faith when a homeowner files an insurance claim. It is also very common for them to not pay their policyholder a fair amount for the loss they suffered. Each state has a way to file a formal complaint. Most States have a phone number or online complaint filing system through the Department of Insurance. Sometimes you may have your complaint about a specific insurance company adjuster or an independent adjuster hired by the insurance company. Either way, any violation or action that violates a state statute or guideline by an adjuster is still the responsibility of the employer or the insurance company that hired the independent adjuster.

So to answer your question about, “How Do I File a Complaint Against My Insurance Company?” Please do a search on the internet on “filing a complaint against insurance companies and use  the keyword, “Department of Insurance.’ This will most likely point you in the right direction to file your complaint in your state.

We have seen many insurance claims settle whereas a condition of settlement insurance companies in order to try and protect their intentional and premeditated acts to underpay claims force a confidentiality agreement as a requirement to finalize a financial agreed-upon settlement. This way they can hide their alleged bad faith acts to underpay their own insured.

If you have a problem with the amount you are being offered or how you are being treated then its always a good idea to talk to a Public Adjuster. A Public Adjuster is a licensed representative of the state that you reside. The job of a Public Adjuster is to represent the public as a private adjuster to help an insured or homeowner or business owner be treated and paid fairly. They are experts in the insurance claims industry and they know how to win when fighting against big for-profit insurance companies. Public Adjusters have no relationships with insurance companies and they only work for you the public citizen that needs help!

Experienced Public Adjusters has only one goal and that is to do the right thing for their client the insured and they will do everything they can to get their client paid fairly and treated fairly.

Call one of our Experienced Public Adjusters to get a free consultation regarding your current insurance claim situation.