Insurance companies are like any other company; they are out to make a profit, and they have a bottom line. They are responsible to the owners of the insurance company or their shareholders, and they are rewarded when they are successfully making money and showing a profit. Inside these insurance companies is a job called the Insurance Claims Adjuster. This is the person in charge of evaluating insurance claims made by policyholders to figure out who is responsible for the damages contained in the insurance claim and how much they will have to pay to settle the claim. Unfortunately, more times than not, the Insurance Claims Adjuster employed by the insurance company will grossly underpay or even deny your claim!

When insurance companies deny claims they will say things like, the accident was the fault of the policyholder, they will say you are not covered for that type of loss, or you didn’t report the incident promptly. They will blame you and say it’s your fault because you didn’t read the fine print. They do this for one reason; they don’t want to pay what they legally owe. They are hoping you will accept a reduced settlement and accept what they say as gospel.

What is a Public Insurance Claims Adjuster?

This is where we come in! We represent you, the policyholder, and fight the insurance company’s adjuster to get you the fair settlement you deserve. We employ construction experts, mold remediators, lawyers, insurance industry experts, and more when we prepare a claim. Nobody knows the insurance industry as we do. Nobody understands insurance company language and lives representing the policyholder like our team of Experienced Public Adjusters. We know the law, and often we find ourselves teaching the law to the Insurance Adjusters employed by the insurance company!

We are Public Adjusters. We represent you, the policyholder. We will assist you in every step of the insurance claim process! Call us today for a free claim review and consultation.