Water damage Central Florida

Can you get insurance compensation easily? 

Water damage can result from anything from a leaking pipe to a washing machine malfunction or a natural calamity like a hurricane or flood. Since there can be multiple sources of water damage, it is tricky to determine the exact source without investigation and evidence. Water damage due to floods is managed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) through NFIP, but for water leakage, burst pipes, water damage from fire, you need home insurance. Until the year 2018, FEMA reported around 17 billion dollar claims due to flood damage.

You may think it is easy to file a claim and get financial aid, however, reality speaks otherwise. While insurance premium rates may be high, the payout is little for water leakage. Most insurers spend a lot of time determining the source of the damage. As a homeowner, you want to prove that the damage is covered under your policy, but it’s a challenge, and you cannot do it without the help of Experienced Public Adjusters

 What will Experienced Public Adjusters do for you?

According to insurers, water damage is an uncertain prospect, and they try their utmost to prove that the source of the damage is not covered under your policy. We understand it is challenging for you to contest their arguments. Therefore, you need our expertise and support, or else the insurer may delay their inspection, making it frustrating. If they succeed in bringing down your energy, you will be so relieved that you will be ready to accept whatever minimal compensation that you can get. But we will not let that happen to you. We are well-versed with how an insurance company functions and can counter their tactics to bring you maximum compensation.

Experienced Public Adjusters is a team of professional adjusters licensed by the state Department of Finance. Our adjusters are well trained and skilled in both insurance and property issues. If required, we consult other professionals like engineers, architects, legal, and construction experts. We are flexible, open to change, and keep you at the center of our focus at all times. 

So, if you want a smooth resolution of your water damage claim in Central Florida, contact us without delay.