Water Damage Orlando

Orlando in Florida is a beautiful city and home to many theme parks like Walt Disney World and SeaWorld. Orlando is in central Florida. It is an inland city but near two coastal regions. It is one of the safest places in Florida when it comes to the hurricane season.

Understanding water damage and insurance claim

Since most of us depend on home insurance for the safety and protection of our property, it is important to be aware of a few things. In the case of a water damage claim, insurers will try to prove that the source of the damage is due to a natural calamity like a flood or due to lack of maintenance. If the water damage is due to flooding, then the Federal Emergency Management Agency provides financial help to those who have applied under the National Flood Insurance Program. If the fault is on your part such as negligence, insurers do not have to pay at all or pay very little. Therefore, we at Experienced Public Adjusters recommend that you keep your maintenance bills safely to prove your point if required. Evidence is very important when contesting insurers.  

Experienced Public Adjusters are here for you.

Our team of professional and ethical public adjusters makes sure that you get ample compensation in case of water damage. You should be aware that your insurance company needs to conduct a mold assessment test and send a remediator to ensure that the water damage will not have any long-term effects like rotting, fungus, etc. To know more about the mold limit of your insurance policy, you need to speak to Experienced Public Adjusters in Orlando. Also, if you have damaged furniture, you have the right to ask for adequate compensation. A water damage claim can get very complicated so for a claim review and guidance, contact Experienced Public Adjusters in Orlando today.