Tampa Lightning Damage

Florida is the lightning capital of the US, and it witnesses several accidents to life and property due to lightning. Tampa in Florida experiences hot and humid summers. The city is full of waterways, including Tampa Bay which creates a difference in temperature between the land and sea. The rising heat of the coastal land creates a low-pressure zone that pulls in the cool air over the bay region. This phenomenon can cause a violent storm, thunder, and lightning which can be spectacular to witness but deadly to experience.

 What are the problems associated with lightning claims?

As a homeowner, you are not just worried about your safety but also about your home. People often tend to seek protection inside the house. But what happens when the property is damaged? Lightning can destroy homes in seconds. The Tampa Bay area is most prone to such accidents. According to Forbes Advisor, the state of Florida generates 5000 claims per year that add up to more than 100 million dollars yearly. Therefore, it is natural to wonder if your claim will ever get sanctioned as there are already many victims clamoring for settlements. However, if you hire Experienced Public Adjusters to help you out, you can bid goodbye to all your troubles. You should also be aware that there are many other issues you may face regarding lightning claims apart from the delay in resolution by your insurer due to the increased number of cases. 

Why choose Experienced Public Adjusters in Tampa?

A lightning strike usually results in fire damage which is a straightforward claim process as it does not matter if lightning caused the fire. Fire damage is a listed peril, and your compensation will be likewise. Such destruction is easy to gauge because of the visible impact on the building due to fire and smoke. What if there is no visible impact? Damages due to lightning can be difficult to fathom since these are not apparent or visible, like fire or water damages; you will never know the current condition of the wiring in your home. Often lightning can cause permanent and extensive damage. If excess current travels through the circuit of your house, it can burn the coil and destroy any electrical appliance that is connected.

As a layperson, you are not aware of the problems it can cause in the future and may agree on easy alternatives or a temporary solution. Experienced Public Adjusters will help you get an electrical engineer to carry out an insulation resistance test known as a MegOhm test to check for latent current in your wiring. This way, you can avoid repercussions in the long run. Even if your appliances are within the warranty period, they will expire when you inform the provider of a lightning accident. Now you will have additional costs apart from wiring repair expenditures. However, when you choose Experienced Public Adjusters, you can sit back and let us take over because we are the experts, and we’ll negotiate with your insurer to get you the right compensation.

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