Insurance Losses or Damage To Your Home Is Unexpected and Stressful.

Making sure you have the proper insurance in place before a loss occurs is essential. Have you sat with your insurance agent and reviewed the coverages and what is excluded? Experienced Public Adjusters specializes in helping homeowners and business owners in 1st party property damage claims specifically to your home or business and we also handle specialty items like, private jets, yachts, luxury vehicles, luxury homes, and more.

What Is an Insurance Claim? Can Filing An Insurance Claim Increase My Insurance Premiums?

Filing an insurance claim is a formal request to your insurance company to claim that you are due money to help you pay for repairs and other expenses caused by a peril covered by your insurance policy (like a wind storm or a hurricane.)

Your insurance company after you file a claim with establishing an adjusting team to handle inspecting, appraising, and paying your loss. Do you have a team on your side of industry experts? Experienced Public Adjusters are adjusters that only work for you the private insured to make sure you are protected from and insurance companies deep pockets and desire to make a profit.

If you file a claim on your own they will request you file all the paperwork, the insurance company usually sends an insurance adjuster or independent adjuster to investigate what happened. Furthermore, if the claim is approved, you’ll receive an undisputed check in the mail to allegedly cover your losses. The problem is this process sounds easy until you get your first check and realize it only covers about 25% of what you will need to complete your repairs. Experienced Public Adjusters are State Licensed Professionals that have on purpose an that is to act in the best interest of the insured’s at all times.

The Insurance Information Institute has published a study that shows about one in 20 insured homeowners files a claim each year. And with climate change and warming waters, aging homes you are seeing more and more losses occur that require insurance claims be filed.

Do you always need to file an insurance claim when your home or business suffers a loss? It depends on how high your deductible is and the extent of the damages. You also have to consider the increase in your premium annual for up to 10 years.

Hiring a Public Adjuster for a free evaluation before opening a claim would be the best thing to do to make sure you are not opening a claim that you may not exceed your deductible or that you do not have coverage for.

Let us take the burden of the claim off your shoulders and allow us to represent the claim. Many studies have shown a substantial increase in your settlement amount when using a public adjuster!

Experienced Public Adjusters!