How Do I FIle An Insurance Claim?

If you are searching the internet to find out, “How do I file an Insurance Claim?” then you may have already answered your own question. The question you should ask is, “How do I hire the best public adjuster?”

Filing an insurance claim seems like it would be an easy task and most people assume their insurance company is going to pay them fairly. We know this is not the case as insurance claims are not only time consuming but require claims industry experience so you have someone on your size to have the best chance of success.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do I have insurance claim filing experience?
  2. Have I fought an insurance claim on my own and been successful at getting paid exactly what I deserve?
  3. Do I know the local building codes?
  4. Do I know all the statutes pertaining to adjusters in my state and all 1st party property statutes?
  5. Am I familiar with recent court case precedents in my state?
  6. Do I know permitting requirements?
  7. Do I know the difference between a pre-loss condition estimate and a general contractor estimate written based on aesthetic repairs?
  8. Do I understand all the coverages available to me within my insurance policy?
  9. Do I know local construction costs?
  10. Do I have negotiation training?
  11. Do I know what an insurance company desk adjuster, field adjuster, or independent is legally allowed to ask me or to do on my private property?

These are just a few of the questions you should ask yourself. And if most of your answers are “no? then hire an Experienced Public Adjuster immediately and the best-case scenario is that you hire him or her before you open the insurance claim.

All Insurance Companies have a phone number to call to report a claim or a web portal to report a claim online.

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