Burst Pipes Tampa

Tampa, situated in glorious Florida, boasts 146 parks, teeming with activities for people of all ages; jogging, tennis, fishing, and art studios, all set amidst the verdant backdrop of luxuriant trees. From music and entertainment to shopping, eating out, and visiting art galleries and museums, there’s always lots to do. So, when you see all this easy living around you, home insurance and burst pipes are the last things on your mind! 

Water pipes usually burst due to high water pressure and deterioration over time. Preventive maintenance may help add a few years to its life, but pipes are bound to degenerate as they get older. If the water pressure goes beyond 60 psi or debris obstructs the water flow, your pipes may burst. High water pressure can cause leakage and flooding of the underground water table. Even wandering tree roots and soil displacement due to construction are responsible for pipe bursts. If it’s a drainage pipe that’s burst, then it can be dangerous to health as it may contaminate the area and spread a foul odor.

The Progressive Infrastructure Plan to Ensure Sustainability (PIPES) is an initiative of the city of Tampa. Under this program, the 100-year-old water and wastewater infrastructure that serves close to 720,000 people will undergo a metamorphosis. This would ensure regular replacement of pipes at a gradual increase in tariff, thus preventing pipe bursts. Living in a modern and environment-friendly city like Tampa, you too need to look after your beloved home. What could be better than purchasing home insurance that takes care of the damage in your home due to burst pipes in addition to other natural calamities like hurricanes, storms, wind, hail, etc.?  

So, how do you recognize a pipe burst and take action to prevent widespread damage?

Pipe bursts may not always be obvious. Leaks from pipe bursts may start unobtrusively, causing slow decay and mold in your home. A noticeable decrease in water pressure, gurgling sounds emanating from the flush tank or pipes, or a foul odor are some signs of water leak from a burst pipe. The sooner that you notice it, the better it is for limiting damages and making an insurance claim. Regular maintenance of your plumbing system can help prevent unnecessary distress and damage.

Contact a good public adjuster like Experienced Public Adjusters to handle the finer points of claiming your damages from burst pipes. Insurance companies entertain only sudden and accidental water damage, so they may create obstacles when you file a claim. You may be ill-equipped to handle their queries, so contact us instead of facing the insurance company alone; we are Tampa’s foremost public adjusting firm with a knowledgeable and skilled team of public adjusters. 

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