Hail Damage Central Florida

While this region does not have strict boundaries, Central Florida covers the Orlando metropolitan area and some coastal areas from the Big Bend region to Tampa Bay and Flagler County to Martin County. The Central Florida region is characterized by a diversified economy, excellent medical research, top-notch financial and banking companies, important military installations, best-in-class theme parks and zoos, including natural attractions, and an abundance of entertainment avenues.

Central Florida is often called the ‘Thunderstorm capital of the USA.’ The hot and humid weather with contrasting sea breezes from the Gulf and Atlantic coasts creates ideal thunderstorm conditions. In the past, there have been three major hurricanes, Charley, Jeanne, and Frances, that wreaked havoc over this region. Thunderstorms are usually accompanied by gusty winds, torrential rains, lightning, and hail. So, it goes without saying that you need to protect your home with good home insurance that provides coverage for both natural calamities and other risks.

The seriousness of damage from hailstorms depends on the size of the hail that falls on your home and property. It’s the lashing winds that carry hailstones with force and create devastation. Unfortunately, one has to suffer the vagaries of the weather, and any part of your home that is exposed to hail storms may get damaged; the roof of your home may develop infinitesimal cracks that are not easily noticed, your window panes may break, etc. Having home insurance is a sure way to recoup your losses; however, with a public adjuster like Experienced Public Adjusters by your side, you can make sure that all the damages to your property are noted and that you receive a fair claim settlement.

Some important points to keep in mind when filing a hail damage claim:

  • Is the damage loss claim more than your deductible? A deductible is an amount that you need to pay before your claim amount kicks in. It doesn’t make financial sense if your deductible covers most of the expenses and the insurer contributes very little; it just increases your premium rates.
  • Is more than 25 percent of your roof damaged? If it is, then do not settle for repairs, as you’d be eligible for a complete roof replacement. Get a brittle test conducted to determine if your roof needs replacement.
  • Check if your policy coverage includes code upgrade provision. There may have been changes in the building code, so when you have your roof replaced, it will need to adhere to the new code.

Why choose Experienced Public Adjusters in Central Florida?

Choose us, and you’ll never be disappointed. Our team of licensed adjusters is well-trained with practical experience in both insurance and property. Your insurance field adjuster may not take into account all the damages, thereby reducing your pay-out considerably. Our adjusters are proficient, and they’ll carry out a detailed inspection of the loose tiles and dents. In extreme cases, we may request a licensed storm inspector to review. Besides, we support you right through the claim process, negotiating with your insurer until they pay up the full amount claimed.

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