What Is A Public Insurance Adjuster

What Is A Public Adjuster? The simple answer is they are a loss adjuster that works for you!

A Public Insurance  Adjuster is a claims adjuster or private adjuster that works on behalf of the homeowner or business owner against a for-profit insurance company.

When you have to file an insurance claim after suffering a loss or you have sustained damage to your property you need to have an advocate on your side the knows the insurance industry. It is unlikely that you will be paid fairly by a for-profit insurance company as they have owners and stockholders that require their profitability. So just like hiring an Attorney when you have a car accident and you are injured by another party when filing an insurance claim we believe you should always have a Public Adjuster represent you in order to assure you are paid fairly and you are paid everything you are entitled to within your insurance policy. Public Adjusters should be experts in understanding policy language, state statutes pertaining to first-party property claims, local permitting requirement, local and state building code requirements, and all the local experts needed to help you support your claim.