How Do I File An Insurance Claim With Universal Property and Casualty?

How do I File An Insurance Claim With Universal Property and Casualty Insurance Company? Before calling in your claim it would be wise to have a free consultation with an Experienced Public Adjuster! Call us Today! (407) 212-8669

Claim Information:

Claim Phone Number:
(800) 218-3206

First, you need to remember that Insurance Companies are For-Profit and you should always have an advocate that fights on your behalf.

Hire a Public Adjuster to advocate for you. A Public Adjuster is a Florida Licensed Public Adjuster that is licensed through the Department of Financial Services.

To learn more about why you should hire not just any Public Adjuster but an Experienced Public Adjuster please call us today. Almost all insurance companies underpay or deny claims. This is why Public Adjusters exist, to protect the public. Call Experienced Public Adjusters before calling in your claim. The beginning of the claims process is the most crucial part of making sure you are documenting all aspects of the claim. Furthermore, having an Experienced Public Adjuster onsite at your home or business is crucial when the insurance company rushes out to send their claims adjuster or company adjuster out to your property without implementing the proper standards of investigation. We are there to let them know they WILL PAY THIS CLAIM FAIRLY!