Public Adjuster in Tampa FL

Tampa is a vibrant and evolving city with constant and new initiatives to make living safer and enjoyable for residents. As part of Mayor Jane Castor’s T3 initiative, Tampa launched Vision Zero, a road safety program to drive home the fact that roads are not just for drivers, they belong to all of us. Other initiatives like the Neighborhood Watch, a volunteering program, and the Tampa Crime Free Multi-Housing program both aim at ensuring peaceful living and shared responsibility between residents and the police. While the local Government, the police, and the community are doing their bit to keep you safe, what is your obligation? The answer is to purchase home insurance and be a responsible member of the community by regularly maintaining your property, electrical systems, pipes, drainage, etc.

Besides, Experienced Public Adjusters, the best public adjusting firm in Tampa is always by your side when you require to file a home insurance claim! Not many people are aware that public adjusting has been around since 1958, however it was only in 2005 that the Public Adjuster Licensing Model Act was adopted by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. All operating regulations like licensing, qualifications, compensation, and duties have been laid down for the functioning of public adjusters. Their job is to file, prepare, negotiate and settle insurance claims on behalf of the insureds. In the earlier days, the role of a public adjuster was limited to negotiating a settlement for the insured; this has since evolved. A reputed public adjusting company like Experienced Public Adjusters goes a step further and gets involved in all aspects of the claims process. Customer service is our focus and we do all that it takes to get a smile back on your face.

Why should you choose Experienced Public Adjusters to represent you?

  • Our communication is clear and transparent so we’re both always on the same page. Right from the initial stages, we engage with your insurance company and ensure that all damages are noted and reported in time. We are united in our fight with your insurance company.
  • We have skilled adjusters who keep themselves updated with information regarding state statutes and building codes so that you’re never inconvenienced. Knowing the insurance industry is an advantage, for example; an insurer may just repair your roof when it requires to be replaced. As a layperson, you may be none the wiser but we know better and can take the insurer to the task.
  • We train our adjusters to use technologically progressive investigative tools. Regular and practical training makes our adjusters alert and open to change.
  • We have a team of licensed adjusters who are proficient in insurance matters and we know when to use other professionals and their expertise. We are flexible in acknowledging that certain situations may require moisture mapping and restoration techniques or construction engineers and architects to give their opinion.

Experienced Public Adjusters have an office in downtown Tampa and are at your service 24/7, 365 days a year. In Tampa, call us for a free claim review today.