Plumbing Leaks Fort Lauderdale


In Fort Lauderdale, there are usually two types of plumbing systems. Supply plumbing lines that carry clean water into your home and sanitary plumbing lines that carry dirty water from your toilets, kitchen sink, washing machine, etc., to your septic tank or through the local municipality pipes. Plumbing leaks in Fort Lauderdale could mean a leak in either of these.

We cannot imagine living without water as it is an intrinsic part of our lives. But the same water can get you into trouble if it appears in places where it should not. Plumber or plumbing leaks occur when a tap starts dripping in a closed position, a pipe bursts, an electrical appliance starts malfunctioning or toilet flappers become brittle. Drain pipes could also develop leaks, a rubber seal at the base of the toilet may get loose, or a crack in your bathtub or shower stall can cause plumbing leaks.


As soon as you notice a leak in your home, you should first switch off the main valve to stop the flow of water. All members of your household should know where this is located so that they can take action in your absence. If you cannot detect the leak, use a moisture meter to locate the source of the leak. Then start taking photographs to attach as proof along with your insurance claim. Call your insurance carrier, who may ask you to contact water remediation professionals. Open the doors and windows to allow the air to ventilate the house and see what furniture etc., you could move out of the water. As a precautionary measure, turn off your electricity to avoid electrocution and wait for your claims adjuster to contact you.


Water in exterior walls could damage the insulation, cause structural damage, dislodge wiring and increase the risk of sparking, leading to a fire. Mold may grow, which is a health hazard. Water spillage due to a plumber leak is bound to percolate through your flooring and walls, spoiling furniture, destroying electronics, staining clothing, photographs, and important papers. If you’re living in a condo, water can seep into other homes as well. Excessive water collecting behind the drywall can cause tiles to come apart or break as the mortar contracts underneath. Your electricity and gas lines could get affected.


Often these leaks may be in places not easily accessible by you, such as behind a wall or underneath a slab. Repair of a leaking pipe may involve removing tiles, breaking down a wall, or removing a costly fixture. While your insurance company may cover the cost of the water damage, they will not pay you for replacing the broken pipe, laying new tiles or repairing your damaged fixture.  A claim adjuster may completely deny your claim by arguing that regular maintenance could have prevented this mishap. You may get into protracted arguments with your insurance carrier on every detail of the damage leading to unnecessary stress in your life. Instead, contact a public adjuster who will manage the entire claims process for you.


Contact Experienced Public Adjusters, experts at managing insurance claims for plumber leaks in Fort Lauderdale. We have a team of qualified and well-trained professionals who help you with the entire claims process, ensuring that you get a fair settlement. We are by your side, assisting you with everything required to prepare a strong claim, and for our services, we charge you only a small percentage of the settlement that you receive.