Lightning Damage Tampa

Tampa, in Florida, is a city that welcomes you whether you’re a tourist or a resident. Folks come to the sunshine state to escape the tough winters of their hometowns and often settle down here. With the increasing intermingling of different communities, Tampa has evolved into a veritable potpourri of cultures that finds reflection both in new business and changing lifestyles. Tampa enjoys extremes of good and bad weather as it’s located on the Gulf coast in Florida. During summer, strong winds and rain are often accompanied by thunder and lightning. If you’re living in Tampa, then dealing with natural calamities like lightning becomes a part of life. However, coming out of these unscathed catastrophes takes a lot out of you; so, it’s sensible to invest in good home insurance that will provide you with adequate compensation for your loss.

Did you know that lightning is six times hotter than the surface of the sun? Lightning takes place when a strong negative charge in a cloud is attracted to the positive charges in the ground. This negative charge is attracted by anything tall like trees, lightning conductors, and even people! That’s when lightning strikes. These shock waves move rapidly through the wiring or pipes in your home, creating mayhem; the power may go off, it may start a fire, and destroy all your plugged-in electronics. As a resident of Tampa, you would have experienced regular thunderstorms and lightning, so you’ll realize that it’s a good idea to purchase a homeowner’s insurance policy with coverage for lightning damage. When scouting around for an insurance provider, do remember that in states that are vulnerable to thunderstorms, premiums are likely to be high. Sit down and discuss all the details of your home insurance with your insurance agent. You should know the exclusions, the contents of the declarations page, the perils that are covered, and the coverage types.

Besides purchasing home insurance, think of all the things you can do to protect your home from likely lightning disasters; you could install a lightning protection system as well as a surge protector. Insurance companies provide favorable premium rates to customers who take preventive actions. You also need to be prepared for emergencies resulting from a lightning strike:

  •       Maintain an updated inventory of all your personal belongings.
  •       Keep your insurance policy document in a safe and accessible place.
  •       Install emergency night lights for use when the power goes out.
  •       Keep a torch, candles and matches, batteries, and a power bank handy.
  •       Prepare a cool box for food and a camping stove with fuel.

Above all, contact Experienced Public Adjusters to assist you with your insurance claim. Lightning damage can get quite complicated but with our qualified and licensed professionals, you can sail through all the obstacles. We are the experts when it comes to insurance claims. Our team has years of experience in dealing with insurance companies and their objections so our documentation is sound, accompanied by photographs and evidence so that your insurance company finds no opportunity to deny it. We negotiate the best settlement possible, within your policy limits.

Get in touch with Experienced Public Adjusters for all your lightning damage claims in Tampa.