Insurance Adjuster in Tampa

Public Insurance Adjuster – Tampa, Florida

You may wonder what an ‘insurance adjuster’ means? Is it the same as an insurance claims/ field adjuster or a public adjuster?

An insurance adjuster, also known as a claims adjuster or a public adjuster, ascertains the amount of money your insurance company should pay you if you file a claim in case of a disaster. It is different from a field adjuster employed by the insurance company to investigate the claim. If you’re living in Tampa and are looking out for a good insurance adjuster, we recommend the services of Experienced Public Adjusters. We have our offices in downtown Tampa and are accessible to the public 24/7.

You will find upscale, glamorous constructions co-existing with its beautiful natural scenic beauty and historical monuments in Tampa. Tampa is vulnerable to hurricanes which have in the past caused widespread damage. Your beloved home in Tampa needs to be protected with a comprehensive insurance policy that safeguards your home, family, and personal possessions. Studies show that the most common reasons for filing a claim include pipe leaks, roof leaks, pipe bursts, fire, hurricanes, hail, wind, lightning, etc. Therefore, when you decide to buy insurance, you must have detailed discussions with your insurance agent, so there are no surprises when you file a claim for a damage loss.

A low premium for your homeowner’s insurance is no guarantee of good service, however, it means a higher deductible for you. If you take the time and the trouble to do a little research, you may find some good discounts. If you have smoke detectors and fire extinguishers in your home, your insurance company may look at your case favorably. Others like a good security system, deadbolts on all the doors, and a sprinkler system will help reduce your premium, as chances of disasters get reduced. The moment you report a disaster to your insurance company, they will dispatch a field adjuster to inspect the damage. Calling a public insurance adjuster like Experienced Public Adjusters at this time is a good idea. We have a team of experts who will be present on-site when the insurance company’s field adjuster arrives. This is an important step as it is easy for the field agent to only look at few areas of damage and dissuade you from filing a claim. You will get convinced as a small claim amount maybe around the same amount as your deductible, so it doesn’t make economic sense to file a claim. Our insurance adjusters will look at the tiniest bit of damage that may have been overlooked and may have consequences in the long term. Insurance companies will underpay or even deny your valid claim as they are only looking at their profitability.

You need Experienced Public Adjusters, in Tampa to assist, guide and support you through the claims process. We have licensed insurance adjusters who negotiate with insurance companies and ensure that you receive a just settlement. Call us today for all your adjusting needs in Tampa.