Public Insurance Adjusters of Daytona Beach

Insurance Adjusters of Daytona Beach    

Who is an insurance adjuster? An insurance adjuster is a claims adjuster who works for either the insurance company or the insurance policyholder. When they work for a policyholder they are known as public insurance adjusters or just public adjusters. If you’re looking for a good public insurance adjuster in Daytona Beach, then do contact Experienced Public Adjusters. We have an office in Daytona Beach which makes us ‘local’, approachable, and familiar with the city!

In Daytona Beach, protect your cherished home with good homeowner’s insurance and seek assistance from a public adjuster to ensure that your insurance provider settles your claims satisfactorily. A homeowner’s insurance policy safeguards your home and its contents from various risks, both natural or caused by humans. Your home will be protected from loss or damage due to thunderstorms, lightning, leaking pipes, electricity damage, power outage, theft, vandalism, etc. When shopping for a homeowner’s policy, you will have a wide range of choices but it’s always better to purchase a comprehensive policy like HO5, which covers all perils except those mentioned as exclusions. 

A standard homeowner’s insurance policy covers your dwelling, other structures on your property, personal possessions, loss of use, personal liability, and medical payments. Besides the dwelling coverage, all other coverages are a percentage of this coverage, so you have to determine the amount for this protection first. You need to review your policy each year to make sure you have enough coverage. Conduct a home inventory to determine how much your belongings are worth and what it would cost to replace them.

You may wish to pay a low premium, however in that case be prepared to pay a higher deductible. Take care of your home by reinforcing your roof, adding storm shutters, or updating your heating and plumbing systems or installing smoke and fire detectors and a home security system. It will go a long way in reducing your premium amount. Another smart thing to do is to avoid frequent small claims as it doesn’t make financial sense to claim a small amount above your deductible. Also, if you make claims often, there’s the danger of your insurer not renewing your policy!   

All this information may be quite confusing, and when faced with a disaster, it may be difficult to orient yourself. It is best to contact a public insurance adjuster like Experienced Public Adjusters, who will manage the entire claims process from the word ‘go.’ Going through the paperwork, gathering documents and photographs, interpreting the policy clauses can make your head reel. Leave all this to us. We are a team of professionals, licensed by the state Department of Finance to represent the public in insurance claim matters. Insurance companies are only interested in increasing their profits which means that they will try to reduce/ deny your claim.  Our expert insurance adjusters ensure that your claim is prepared as required by the insurance company. Further, we negotiate with them to get you a fair settlement within the limit of your policy.

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