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Public Adjuster – Dr. Phillips

Experienced Public Adjusters, headquartered in Florida, is a leading firm of professional public adjusters. David Dwyer established this firm to protect insurance policyholders from avaricious insurance companies. His expertise in insurance, finance, and negotiation skills is unsurpassed. Based on the principles of integrity and ethics and a strong passion to win, Experienced Public Adjusters has grown from strength to strength, with representation across the country.

It is our privilege to serve customers in Dr. Phillips, a peaceful suburb of Orlando with a population of 10980 as per the 2010 census. It is named after Dr. Philip Phillips, a pioneer in the citrus industry who was responsible for its meteoric development in the early 1900s. Later, its economic focus shifted to defense and tourism.  Dr. Phillips is a coveted place to live in, not only because of its proximity to the International Drive, popular due to its Orlando nightlife and entertainment but also because of its serene surroundings, reputed public schools, and solid infrastructure. Time’s Money Magazine, in 2015, named Dr. Phillips as one of the best places to live in Florida. You find here some well-constructed and aesthetically pleasing gated communities like Sand Lake Sound, Phillip’s Landing, and Ruby Lake. The median home price is around $336700.

To protect your beautiful home in Dr. Phillips, it’s essential to purchase a good homeowner’s insurance policy. Look for a homeowner’s insurance policy that protects you from a majority of the perils and covers your home, its additional structures, and your home contents. It should also cover alternate living arrangements if your home becomes uninhabitable, personal liability protection and medical payments if someone gets injured on your property. Read the fine print carefully and ask your insurance agent to explain all the clauses mentioned in your policy so that you know what is included and what is not included in your insurance coverage. Be well-prepared mentally otherwise, you may be in for a surprise when it’s time to file a claim. You may need assistance in filing a claim for water damage, fire or smoke damage, or a natural calamity, and the best person to reach out to is a public adjuster.

Most claim situations become stressful for the policyholder as there appears to be no end to the paperwork, and you become anxious as the financial loss threatens to overwhelm you. There could be an acrimonious exchange of words between you and the insurance company as each damage is closely examined and disputed by the field adjuster. Save yourself this unnecessary pressure and contact us immediately.

Experienced Public Adjusters has a proficient team whose primary focus is to assist and advise customers, manage the requirements of the insurance provider and submit a sound claim. We are licensed by the state Department of Financial Services, and we protect your privacy. As a layperson, you may be easily convinced or satisfied with your insurance company’s platitudes but we understand the ramifications of filing an incomplete claim. We call in experts if required to create a watertight case. We submit your claim with documentation and photographs so that you receive the best possible claim settlement within your policy limits.


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