Flooding From Broken Pipes: Fort Lauderdale

What should I do if I discover a broken pipe in my home? Whom do I contact?

A broken pipe leads to water leakage, which can cause a host of problems for you and your household. If the water is gushing, then you obviously need to switch off the water at the source. Then contact your insurance provider, followed by the plumber. Another number to call is that of a public adjuster, which you may not be aware of.

Fort Lauderdale is a beautiful place to live in, with attractive residences in Rio Vista Isles, Jessie Willies, North Ocean Boulevard, and Harbor Beach. Owning a house in Fort Lauderdale necessitates the purchase of a comprehensive homeowner’s insurance policy that covers your home not only against natural disasters but also perils like theft, vandalism, leaking pipes, damaged roofs, as well as flooding from broken pipes. Do remember that standard homeowner’s insurance does not include loss or damage due to flooding due to rainfall. For that, you need to purchase a separate policy through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

If your broken pipe was not discovered for a long time, then you’re in big trouble. Water tends to spread rapidly and unobtrusively. The water would have traveled into crevices, creating havoc with your woodwork. It may damage your expensive carpets and create mold in your home. Therefore, it is important to take photographs of all the damage that has occurred as evidence to provide your insurance provider. Now is a good time to contact a public adjuster as you may need their expert advice. 

Contact Experienced Public Adjuster if you need to file an insurance claim for flooding from broken pipes in Fort Lauderdale. We have a knowledgeable team who are available whenever you need them. The moment you call your insurance carrier, they would ask you to get a plumber to repair the broken pipe and fix an appointment to survey the damage. If you ask us to be present on-site during the field adjuster’s visit, it will help provide the correct information to the insurance representative. As a layperson, you may miss out on specific aspects of water damage that we as public adjusters can discern. Surveying the damage caused by the broken pipe, our team will be able to determine whether a restoration expert or a mold hygienist is required.

Dealing with insurance companies requires finesse and patience. We have years of experience in negotiating with them so we can spot their maneuvers. They always try to deny or reduce your claim by treating the broken pipe as a matter of negligence on your part. If the water leaking is gradual, they may treat it as a matter of non-maintenance. Our expert team at Experienced Public Adjusters will help you prepare a strong case after going through your policy details. They will gather the required documentation, prepare your claim and ensure that you receive a fair settlement.

In Fort Lauderdale, contact Experienced Public Adjusters for a free claim review!