Electrical Damage in Daytona Beach

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Let’s look at what electrical damage is and how it can hamper your life.

Sparking, a burning smell or heated equipment are all signs of electrical damage that need to be inspected by an Experienced Public Adjuster. In layman’s terms, electrical damage refers to any harm caused by short-circuiting, high/low voltage, or a broken electrical line. Flickering lights, broken switches, and electrical shocks are also examples of electrical faults. It’s important to understand that electrical damage caused by storms, hurricanes, and severe winds does not fall under the category of electrical damage; instead, it’s considered as storm damage. Before purchasing insurance, make sure you question your insurance provider about every detail of the perils covered.

Handling electricity without supervision can be hazardous; it can result in severe shocks and possibly a fire. You should contact an electrician as soon as you notice electrical damage in your home. While you wait for the electrician, turn off the primary power source to prevent more damage and contact your insurance provider to notify them of the extent of the damage. Without electricity, your life comes to a virtual standstill. Be sure to act quickly because any delay in action is considered negligence and will decrease the settlement amount when the claim is filed. As evidence, you should also take pictures and collect repair receipts for every damage that has happened.

Contact Experienced Public Adjusters without delay. Dealing with insurance companies is usually challenging and exhausting; they respond with counter-arguments to not pay your claim for every grievance you raise. They typically attempt to find methods to avoid paying your share by using complicated insurance jargon that is difficult to understand. After suffering a significant loss due to electrical damage, the last thing you want to do is run to the insurance office and struggle to get your claim amount while trying to complete the paperwork and justifying yourself every time your insurer questions the authenticity of the damage. That’s when public adjusters like Experienced Public Adjusters come to your rescue.

At Experienced Public Adjusters, our team devotes their time to get your claim settlement amount. We have a track record of success. Our team of experienced public adjusters understands how insurance firms operate on the inside and which techniques they employ to avoid paying insurance claims. We help you with every stage of the claim process, from filing to negotiating with your insurance company and everything in between. Furthermore, we support you during the insurance adjuster’s field inspection.

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