Lightning Damage Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach in Florida lies on the Atlantic coast of the Floridian peninsula. It is famous for the Daytona International Speedway, a car racing track. The city has been home to the prestigious Daytona 500, a racing league. However, most residents will know that the race is postponed frequently because of storms and rain. As much as it is disappointing, it is equally dangerous to be out in this weather. Hence, permanent residents and homeowners worry about thunderstorms and frequent lightning strikes that disrupt their daily lives.

What happens when lightning strikes your home and property?

Lightning can destroy homes in an instant. It can cause immense damage by fire to your property or mess with the electrical supply of your home. If lightning strikes a building or the power line, it is exposed to a powerful electromagnetic field. The current and voltage are determined by the electrical field, response of the appliance, and the earthing of the house. If severe lightning strikes the central power line, it can cause a huge power surge. Such heavy voltage can cause sparks, burn the coils, or cause voltage fluctuations. The electrical system is vulnerable to a short circuit and can damage the power line permanently. Apart from the central power line, it can hamper the functioning of any electronic device that is connected to the power line. Therefore, it is essential to disconnect all appliances during a thunderstorm.

You will expect your home insurance to take care of the expenses. However, lightning damage claims are never plain sailing. You need a good public adjuster to assist you before you file a lightning damage claim. Who better than Experienced Public Adjusters in Daytona Beach, an extremely competent public adjusting firm? If the lightning causes a fire, there’s no problem with filing the claim, but when your electrical system and electronics get damaged by the lightning current, it becomes exceedingly difficult to prove. That’s when our skilled team comes into the picture.

 How can Experienced Public Adjusters help you?

We help you to understand and evaluate all your losses. Most insurers will conduct superficial testing of your wiring through a local electrician without explaining its importance. Our knowledgeable team ensures that you get a MegOhm test done, an insulation resistance test conducted by a licensed electrician. You need to know if your house is safe because your well-being depends on it. Lightning can damage the wiring to the very core, making it vulnerable to sudden mishaps. So, you need a long-term solution that is effective for repair and replacement.

Choose Experienced Public Adjusters; our team is acquainted with all the pitfalls that may occur after a lightning strike. Insurers always try to avoid paying you the full compensation, but when you have Experienced Public Adjusters on your team, there is no need to haggle with them for money. We will negotiate with your insurer and get you what is rightfully yours.

Contact us now for all your lightning damage claims in Daytona Beach.