Water Damage Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach in Florida has around 5000 properties near the beach area that are susceptible to flooding. According to Floodfactor statistics, the beach region has more than a 26% chance of Daytona Beach being affected by floods in the upcoming 30 years. Therefore, the National Flood Insurance Program, provided by FEMA, is very helpful for homeowners. But floods are not the only cause of water damage in the city. The topography of the city is also responsible for the damage. 

In 2009, the Nova canal in Daytona Beach overtopped its banks, putting a lot of pressure on the city’s drainage system. Around 790 drainage structures of the entire city collapsed, resulting in water overflow. The Nova canal belongs to the Florida Department of Transportation, and it lies on the east side of the city. It runs across Daytona Beach, connecting some of the main junctions, and can affect the drainage system. Moreover, the Daytona beach region is a low-lying area, and therefore, it experiences higher water pressure regularly. So, any added disturbance in the Nova Canal puts a lot more pressure on the drainage system of the city. 

How does increased water pressure cause water damage?

Water damage due to increased water pressure is a very common problem but difficult to stop. The correct water pressure for any house should be between 40-45 psi. You can set a pressure regulator or valve to keep it below 50 psi. However, you may not notice mild fluctuations, and the pressure may rise to 60-70 psi. It is difficult for a homeowner to detect such fluctuations, and if this continues unnoticed, it will damage the pipes. You should be aware that despite your vigilance if the entire city’s drainage system is disturbed, it will automatically affect your home’s drainage system as well. So, homeowners depend on home insurance for such emergencies related to water damage. It is prudent to bring in plumbers regularly and get the drainage system checked, as otherwise, an insurance claim may be rejected on the grounds of negligence.

How can Experienced Public Adjusters help you?

Water damage has far-reaching consequences as it leads to mold, weakened foundations, damp walls besides destroying your personal belongings and electronics. Experienced Public Adjusters help you understand your home insurance policy clauses, options, documentation, and we carry out a proper assessment of the damage caused by the water. Depend on us as we are the experts when it comes to filing claims for water damage, and we support you throughout the entire claim process. We have a team of skilled adjusters who are licensed professionals. We have the advantage of having been in the business for a long time, so we know the way insurance companies operate. Insurers are always looking for reasons to reduce your claim, so they may overlook some damages or find ways to contradict your assertions. Experienced Public Adjusters in Daytona Beach ensure that your claim is irrefutable and will negotiate for the best possible compensation that you can get.

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