Tampa, Florida

Tampa, Florida Public Insurance Adjusters are located throughout Hillsborough County and a few Public Adjusters operate out of Clearwater and in Pinellas County.

How do you know which public adjuster or public adjusting firm to hire in Tampa, Florida?

Should you hire a local Tampa, Florida Public insurance Adjusting Firm?

These are all great questions you should ask yourself before making a decision on who to hire as your Tampa public adjuster.

Here are some questions you may want to ask yourself or research before hiring a Public Insurance Adjuster or Public Adjusting Company:

  1. Is the person that you are meeting with the person who is actually going to be handling your claim?
  2. Is the person that you are hiring have a valid Florida Public Adjusters license in the State of Florida registered with the Department of Financial Services.
  3. All Public Adjusters licenses are public record which enables you to look them up and see if they have stayed with one company for a long period of time. Why is that important? You do not want them handling your insurance claim and then leaving the company they are appointed with because most likely a new adjuster will be assigned that knows nothing about your file and will have to start over and it will most likely delay the claim settlement process. A Department of Financial Services license search will also show you how long they have been licensed in Florida so you know how long they have been a Public Adjuster. It also tells you if their office is in Tampa, Florida, and if they reside in Tampa, Florida. Why is this important? You want to make sure the Public Adjuster is close enough to your property that suffered the loss to make sure they can make appointments with the insurance carrier company adjusters, insurance company experts such as Engineers, Florida Licensed Mold Assessors, Estimators, Contractors, and Business Consultants. The Department of Financial Services will also show you if a Public Adjuster license is current and if they have met their continuing education requirements. Most importantly, it will tell you if they are a non-resident or Florida Resident Public Adjuster. This is crucial for you to know if they understand Florida Statutes pertaining to 1st party property claims, Florida building codes, Local Tampa or Hillsborough County Building Codes, Local Building Permit Requirements.
  4. You may also want to consider if they have a college education since the State of Florida does not require a Public Adjuster to have a college degree. It only requires them to take a 40 hour accredited course and currently go through a 6-month apprenticeship. You want to hire the most knowledgeable Public Adjuster and having a College education in our opinion is an important attribute to look for in today’s society. Remember you are going to be in a tough negotiation with a large insurance company that operates for-profit and has an unlimited bench of professionals and experts at their disposal and they are there in most cases representing their owners, executives, and shareholders.
  5. Find out what would happen if the public adjuster you hired were to leave the appointed entity or public adjusting firm they are with. Ask them who would get your insurance claim in this situation? Is the owner available to speak to before you sign the contract with a Tampa Public Adjusters so that you know you have a direct line of communication with the owner in case the Public Adjuster you hire leaves the Public Adjusting Company?
  6. Typically if a Public Adjuster or Contractor has to solicit and knock on your door when you suffer a loss then they must not have a lot of work. From experience, we would advise you that this may not be a good sign. Most Top Public Adjusting Firms and Top Public Adjusters do not need to knock on doors or solicit in the streets. They have so many claims from their reputation and referrals from their clients that they are always busy and usually have more files then they need to make a good living without having to knock on doors or solicit in the streets. Do your research and find the Public Adjuster you want to hire after you do your due diligence.
  7. Top Rated Experienced Public Adjusters will usually charge a higher fee which is not always a bad thing. Remember the old saying you get what you pay for! If a Public Adjuster is desperate for work and willing to drop their fee’s then you can make the assumption they are desperate for work and most likely not very good at effectively negotiating claim settlements for their clients. You should also look to see if the public adjuster has good and or bad reviews. Customer service and transparency is important to a homeowner or business owner during the claims process. As clients, we want to know how things are progressing and want to make sure we are paying for a service and we are kept up to date on how we are being represented. At Experienced Public Adjusters, it is a company policy that we copy our clients in on all communications with the insurance company. We are completely transparent and want you to know exactly where we are in representing you in the claims process.
  8. Ask them who will be completing the detailed estimate of your loss and how much experience they have in writing estimates and what credentials, education, and licenses they have. Remember a Public Adjuster is not required to write the estimate for the insurance claim loss you suffered. They are only required to provide a detailed estimate of the loss.
  9. There are many places you can check to see if the company and the adjuster have positive or negative reviews. Each Public Adjusting Firm will if they actually have an office and are reputable will be listed online with Google My Business and have a location that displays their reviews publicly. If they do not show up on Google that would throw up a red flag in our opinion. You should also see if they are listed with the Better Business Bureau and if they have any complaints and what their BBB rating is. There are many sites that also allow you to review Public Adjusters and their companies. For example, you will find reviews in Yelp.com, Manta.com, Alignable.com, Angie’s List, Bing My Places, and there are many more. Just do an extensive search on the adjusters by using their name followed by review or reviews. Then do the same thing for the Public Adjusting Company.

Hiring An Top Rated And Experienced Public Adjuster Is The Most Important Thing You Can Do When Filing An Insurance Claim. In Our Opinion, It Should Be Your First Call Before Opening A Claim With The Insurance Company.

Hiring a Public Adjuster is a must in our opinion and we believe it will always leave you with a better outcome than going into a claim without one. The insurance companies in many cases underpay claims so low that the settlement a Top Rated Experienced Public Adjuster will help you recover will be almost unbelievable.

Experienced Public Adjusters has a team of Public Adjusters that are transparent with their clients, extensively trained, have great positive reviews, have a sense of urgency, most importantly they are a team the fights for every penny you are owed, and they are WINNERS! Call a Tampa, Florida based Experienced Public Adjuster today for a free claim evaluation or a free onsite inspection! We are ready to be interviewed by you and we promise you we will earn your business and we will earn our fee. Thank you in advance for the opportunity. Please read our Testimonials and feel free to check out our Google Reviews.

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