Roof Damage Claim Ft Lauderdale

Do you own a home in Fort Lauderdale, or are you considering relocating here? Fort Lauderdale is home to many sports and film personalities who have invested in areas like Seven Isles, Las Olas Isles, Idlewyld, Riviera Isles, and Palm-Aire Village. Places like Downtown Fort Lauderdale, Colee Hammock, and Coral Ridge are good neighborhoods with lower crime. 

Purchasing a home in Fort Lauderdale is a privilege that comes with great responsibility, and you need to protect it with suitable insurance coverage. Your home needs a comprehensive homeowners’ insurance policy coverage so that besides natural calamities like hurricanes and storms, your home will also be protected from harm due to theft, vandalism, fire, roof damage, pipe leaks, etc. There are many good insurance companies serving customers in this area. You can look into the coverage offered by StateFarm, Great Florida Insurance, Universal Property and Casualty, Allstate, and Floridian Coastline Insurance.

Fort Lauderdale is in a hurricane-prone zone, so it is a magnet for thunderstorms and rain. Being a coastal area, strong winds tend to play havoc with the roof of your house, and due to the constant battering that your roof gets, the shingles get dislodged or curl, allowing rainwater to enter the roof. Roof damage is generally caused by strong winds that blow during a storm. Chimneys, valleys between roof slopes, and improperly installed drip-edge are those parts of your roof that are more vulnerable to damage.

Standard homeowner’s insurance covers damage caused to your roof by hail, windstorms, fire, tornadoes, and vandalism. When filing an insurance claim, you will need to document the damage. If more than 25% of the roof surface requires repair, the entire roof must comply with the building code. Therefore, it is important to conduct a brittle test to understand if full roof replacement or only repairs are required. Check the mutilated areas of your roof carefully, take photographs of the damage, write down the description, and include them with your claim. Or better still, contact us at Experienced Public Adjusters, and we’ll take over!

Insurance companies try to reduce or deny your claim as it is in their best interest to do so. When their claims adjuster comes for an inspection, he may do it in a desultory manner, and you will be none the wiser for it. It is therefore essential to have someone knowledgeable like a Public Adjuster present on-site during the inspection. Only an experienced person with an eye for detail will be able to observe the finer nuances of roof damage, which has far-reaching consequences in the future. At Experienced Public Adjusters, we have the expertise in inspecting and assessing property damage accurately and are familiar with local building codes. Our professional team will handle the entire documentation, filing, and negotiation for you for a small fee. We will represent you through the roof damage claim process until you receive the best possible settlement.