Lightning damage Claim Ft Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale offers opportunities to people in the hospitality, retail, healthcare, and professional, scientific, and technical services sectors. There also exists a considerable boat manufacturing and maintenance industry here. Good employment prospects and the lack of income tax make Fort Lauderdale a viable option for people to work and live here.

Living in Fort Lauderdale has much to offer by way of natural splendor, rich cultural heritage and a diverse socioeconomic landscape. Festivals of music, theatre, the International Boat Show, swimming competitions, and football games besides the water-sports are worth mentioning. Fort Lauderdale boasts a tropical climate. Summer is the season for rain and thunderstorms, and as Fort Lauderdale is in a hurricane zone, residents have to be prepared to face nature’s fury. Protecting your home with home insurance is essential.

Thunderstorms are accompanied by lightning. A lightning bolt contains an electric discharge, and if your home gets hit directly by lightning, it can cause tremendous damage. Inflammable building material can get burnt, and cracks may appear in the foundation of your home. An excessive power surge could destroy electronic appliances, and shock waves can cause window panes and walls to shatter, and flying bits of plaster could hurt people. There is a possibility that the lightning didn’t spark a fire and a cursory inspection revealed that the wiring is not damaged. This is when you have to be on your guard. You must have an insulation resistance test, known as a MegOhm test, done by a dependable electrical engineer. This is a sure way of establishing if intrinsic damage has occurred due to the lightning strike.

Since you live in an area of frequent thunderstorms, ensure that you have the right coverage for lightning damage in your Ft Lauderdale homeowner’s policy. You must safeguard your home from potential lightning catastrophes by investing in a lightning protection system and a surge protector. Besides, hire Experienced Public Adjusters to ensure that your insurance claim is submitted correctly when faced with lightning damage. Right up front, our team at Experienced Public Adjusters calls a master electrician or an electrical engineer to do an insulation resistance test or a MegOhm test, and we get your insurance company to cover additional living expenses until your home is certified as safe. Lightning damage is challenging as its tentacles go deep, and merely a superficial review of your property is not enough to determine electrical issues that are lurking in conduits in concrete slabs or behind walls.

Our team at Experienced Public Adjusters comprises of professionals who are skilled at managing your insurance-related matters from start to finish. We have experts on our team who are well-versed in complicated insurance claims related to lightning damage. Beginning from understanding the minute details of your insurance coverage to collecting all the required documentation, we prepare a fool-proof claim to present to your insurance company so that you get your rightful settlement. 

When it comes to filing a lightning damage claim in Fort Lauderdale, you can rely on Experienced Public Adjusters.