Public Claims Adjuster

In the United States, each state has a representative that represents the insured in protecting them against insurance companies that operate for profit. The State-licensed individuals are called a Public Adjuster or sometimes Public Insurance Adjuster. But unofficially they have many names that people will call them;

  1. Private Claims Adjuster
  2. Private Adjuster
  3. Loss Adjuster
  4. Claims Adjuster
  5. Public Claims Adjuster
  6. Private Loss Adjuster
  7. Adjuster

The list can go on depending on who you ask. What they are not is Company Adjusters or Independent Adjusters who work directly and indirectly for the insurance companies.

Your first phone call after suffering a property damage loss should always be to a Public Adjuster! They are trained to be experts at insurance policy language and the coverages granted to an insured. They are skilled at properly documenting and estimating a loss. In order to properly estimate a loss, they need to know the local cost of construction, building code requirements, permitting requirements, and its benefits if they understand all the State Statutes pertaining to 1st party property claims.

Experienced Public Adjusters is one of the Top Ranked Public Adjusting firms in the United States. We are currently expanding into each of the 50 states. We are doing this through an extensive training model to duplicate the success established by the Founder, David Dwyer. Experienced Public Adjusters originated in Orlando, Florida in the center of one the State of Florida which is very common to have tropical storms and hurricanes. They are one of the most competitive markets to be successful in because of the number of insurance claims and competition.

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