Private Adjuster Insurance Claims

Why do people hire a Private Adjuster? For the same reason, someone who buys a house hires a real estate agent! They want someone that specialized in their field to help them. In the insurance claim industry, it is very important to have a representative in order to make sure your claim is handled properly and paid fairly. An Experienced Public Adjuster or Experienced Private Adjuster is not only highly trained in the insurance claims industry but knows how to help homeowners and business owners understand the coverages they have and what should be paid to them when they file an insurance claim. Private Adjusters only work for the private sector never the insurance companies. We specialize as private hurricane claims adjusters, private water damage claims adjusters, private fire damage claims adjusters, private hail damage claims adjusters, and private claims adjusters for any covered loss within your insurance policy!

Most people wait until after they have a problem with their insurance claim and it has been underpaid or denied! When you have a new insurance claim to file you should always call a private claims adjuster to help you from the very start of the process. Most new home buyers or business owners have jobs they specialize in and try to take on the big insurance companies themselves not realizing that most insurance companies have deep pockets and they forget that their insurance company operates to make a profit. They do not realize at first when the open an insurance claim that most company adjusters do not care about them and have to many files on their desk. They care more about closing files quickly and reporting back to the state they operate in that they are paying and closing claims quickly. Experienced Public Adjusters make sure they take their time to properly investigate the claim so that no monies owed to the insureds are left not paid.

If you are looking for a Private Adjuster for your insurance claim you either know that a Private Adjuster more commonly called a Public Adjuster will always help you reach a fair settlement or you are looking for a Private Adjuster because you are finding out that the insurance company operates for-profit and they are intentionally or they have an incompetent adjusting team and you are not being paid what you deserve.

Hiring an Experienced Public Adjuster will be the best thing you ever did. We are a team of highly trained Experienced Public Adjusters ready to serve the private homeowner or business owner in representing them against big insurance. We are a “Winning’ team with a vast knowledge of the industry and will take the claim from start to finish and provide our clients with the best possible outcome and the settlement they deserve.

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