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Private Adjuster – Tampa

Public adjusters are completely legal as they are professionals licensed by the state Department of Finance to work for the public in insurance matters.  After registration of an insurance claim, when you hire private or public adjusters, they assist you with the entire claims process. They provide invaluable inputs and recommend construction experts, storm inspectors, or remediation advisors. And finally, they represent you in the negotiations with the insurance company to get you a just settlement.

You’re living in a coastal haven like Tampa, with all the possible modern facilities that one could dream of.  With wide streets, plenty of parking and shopping, multi-cuisine restaurants, events, museums, and water- sports including nature trails, forests, preserves, and cultural festivals, you couldn’t ask for more! There’s no State income tax so it translates into more savings. However, all neighborhoods are not entirely safe, and the weather plays up during the summer. So, it becomes your responsibility to protect your cherished home with a good homeowner’s insurance policy that will cover both natural and human disasters. Having homeowner’s insurance is one thing and receiving complete compensation from your insurance company is another. This is why you need a public adjuster, also known as a private adjuster, who solely represents you.

Did you know that Tampa is known as the ‘lighting capital of the world’?

The region between Tampa and Orlando has been nicknamed ‘the Lightning Alley’ as they experience a huge number of lightning strikes during the summer. Thunderstorms come on suddenly. You could be basking in the sun on the beach with dazzling blue skies when an intense downpour can soak you up in minutes. Besides, there have been three major hurricanes that did not make landfall in Tampa but had severe repercussions on normal life, namely Hurricane Donna in 1960, Hurricane Charley in 2004, and more recently, Hurricane Irma in 2017.

This is all the more a reason to purchase a homeowner’s insurance policy. A standard homeowner’s policy will provide coverage for your dwelling, other structures, personal belongings, alternate living expenses, personal liability as well as medical payments. However, each of these is defined as a percentage of your dwelling coverage or a fixed amount, so you need to set your dwelling coverage first. Get familiar with the clauses of your insurance policy especially be aware of the perils that are included and the deductibles. You may be surprised to note some stuff written in small print may prove to become an obstacle when you’re filing a claim. So, it’s best to engage a public adjusting firm like Experienced Public Adjusters, who will do all the groundwork and counter all the insurance company’s arguments. They will act as your very own private adjuster in Tampa!

Experienced Public Adjusters has a well-trained and knowledgeable team with offices in Downtown Tampa. Please contact us for a free claim review today!