Old Pipes That Burst Tampa

Tampa is a refreshing waterfront city in Florida. With its booming economy and state-of-the-art convention centers, it beckons visitors to savor a slice of history at Ybor City, enjoy multi-cultural cuisine, explore museums and art galleries, and participate in many outdoor activities.

Did you know that in Tampa, as of August 2021, 16.8 miles of old main pipelines have been replaced? In line with Mayor Jane Castor’s T3 initiative to implement infrastructure planning, PIPES (Progressive Infrastructure Plan to Ensure Sustainability) was launched. Under this program, it is envisaged that replacing old pipes will reduce traffic disruptions due to water main breaks and ensure the long-lasting functioning of water systems. Many of the pipes are a century old, and it’s becoming expensive; almost USD20 million is spent annually to manage the system’s upkeep.

Did you know that a 1/8th inch crack in a pipe can cause up to 250 gallons of water loss in a day? It is enough to damage 98% of your basement. This happens when pipes wear out over time. Old homes in Tampa usually have pipes made of cast iron, and these were expected to last for 80 to 100 years at least. However, the saltwater and corrosive soil has shortened their life considerably.

Insurance companies often deny claims for damage due to old pipes bursting as it means paying for the replacement of cast-iron pipes, which is quite expensive. Despite having coverage in your home insurance policy for pipe bursts, pipe leaks, broken pipes, etc, chances are that your insurer will cut down your claim. Insurance companies are in a quandary as, in addition to water damage, they have to deal with pipe replacement, so they tend to downplay the problem. Passing it off as a problem of ‘wear and tear’ enables them to reduce your claim amount. You need an expert in the business like Experienced Public Adjusters to get you the maximum amount claimed. 

There are many expenses related to pipe replacement like digging the ground to check the plumbing, restoring it to its earlier condition after the replacement is done and complying with the building code. Our knowledgeable team of public adjusters will study the clauses of your policy carefully as home insurance policies are often written in convoluted language. Be cautious when discussing your problems with the insurance adjuster who visits your home for inspection. As a layperson, you may divulge details that may become a hindrance in your claim process. So, it is always advisable to ask your public adjuster, who is your representative, to be available at your home when the insurance adjuster comes.

Experienced Public Adjusters is a well-respected adjusting firm with offices in Downtown Tampa. Our team of adjusters consists of licensed professionals who are adept at their work. Armed with the latest information in the home insurance world as well as property issues, they have the expertise to handle your claim process from the start until a satisfactory settlement is arrived at.

When filing claims for damages due to old pipes in Tampa, remember Experienced Public Adjusters is your ‘go to’ public adjuster.