Lightning damage claims Tampa

Did you know that one strike of lightning can carry around 100 million volts of electricity?

When your home or property gets hit by a bolt of lightning, the enormous electric discharge can cause incredible damage. Any ignitable material can go up in flames instantly, fissures may appear in the foundation and walls of your home and glass windows can shatter. Since wires are conductors of electricity, the shock waves from the lightning can travel rapidly through your wiring system and destroy any electronics or appliances that are plugged in. If you live in a city like Tampa with regular thunderstorms and lightning, you should purchase a homeowner’s insurance policy with coverage for lightning damage.  

Tampa, a major city in Florida is a very lively city displaying a potpourri of different cultures. New constructions, both residential and commercial, have created a whole new vista that caters to the upwardly mobile. Most visitors to the city are attracted to the variety of water sports on offer amidst the pristine white sand, clear blue skies, and the sparkling expanse of the Atlantic.  Tampa has a tropical climate, which means that the summers are hot and humid with thunderstorms, lightning, and strong winds. Due to the huge number of lightning strikes, the region between Tampa and Orlando has been nicknamed ‘the Lightning Alley’.

Discuss your requirements with your insurance agent as premiums are likely to be high in states where hurricanes and thunderstorms are common. Safeguard your precious home from potential lightning disasters by installing a lightning protection system and a surge protector. You may be able to get a discount on your premium from your insurance company.

Filing a lightning damage claim can be fraught with complexities, making the whole process stressful for you and your family. The best thing you can do is to hire the services of a good public adjuster like Experienced Public Adjusters. We are a team of professionals, licensed by the state Department of Finance to represent the public in matters of insurance claims. We are aware of the tactics adopted by insurance companies to deny claims and accordingly we deal with the procedural and legal obstacles that your insurance company may create in your path.

Let’s examine some of the technical issues that may interfere with the smooth processing of your claim. The first is to adhere to the time limit for notification of the damage loss. The insurance company sends out an adjuster to inspect the damage and note down the extent. In case of a direct strike, there is no dispute, however, a ‘near miss’ can cause problems. This means that the lightning has struck close to your property, for example, it may have hit an electric transformer which has resulted in electric surges leading to damaged electronics in your home. Your insurance company will try to prove that the damage was caused by a power surge due to faulty wiring or excess load on the transmission lines. Our team will ensure that a lightning affidavit is prepared by a licensed electrician to back up your claim of damage due to lightning.

When it comes to filing a lightning damage claim in Tampa, you can rely on Experienced Public Adjusters.