Insurance Claims Lightning Damage

A report from the Insurance Information Institute shows that in the US in 2020, there were a total of 71551 lightning damage insurance claims with an average of $28,885 per claim. These statistics give us an idea of the gravity of lightning damages faced by people who live in areas vulnerable to lightning and thunderstorms. Safeguarding your precious home with a comprehensive home insurance policy that covers damage from lightning, is essential.

So, how do you file a lightning damage insurance claim?

  • The first thing to do is to contact Experienced Public Adjusters and also call your insurance company to report the incident. Having a public adjuster by your side from the beginning makes the claim process much smoother.
  • Next, scrutinize all your electrical and electronic devices and gadgets. Prepare a list of what is not working, mentioning the costs and description.
  • Then extract your home insurance policy from safe-keeping. Note down the amount of deductible mentioned and if you had opted for replacement cost or actual value coverage. The extent of damage will help you decide whether you want to file a claim or not.
  • There is a law called ‘the valued policy law’ that applies to cases of a total loss due to fire wherein insurance companies have to pay the full value of a policy to the policyholder. You may not know this, but this law applies to total loss due to lightning as well.
  • Insurance company adjusters often ignore damages that are not obvious as they wish to limit the amount of pay-out, so you’ll have to be proactive and point these out. Be careful when filling out the ‘Proof of Loss’ form as any error on this can cause an obstacle to receiving full settlement of your claim. Talk to us before you fill this form.


Lightning damage claims are ambiguous, so they provide an excellent opportunity to the insurance adjuster to overlook details. Always consult us as our team understands the way your insurance company works and can simplify the paperwork for you. After a lightning strike, you may not experience a flickering of lights or sparking in your wiring, but lightning can lead to immense damage in the future, without any warning. If the damage is not apparent, we get a certified electrical engineer to complete a MegOhm test that will tell you if your home is safe to live in or not. Your insurance company may not be willing to pay for such a test, but it is important for the safety of your home and family and your peace of mind. There can be no middle ground where safety is concerned so remember to hire Experienced Public Adjusters as we can tell the difference between a superficial fire safety test and a MegOhm test. 


To settle your claim quickly, your insurance company may agree to pay for the replacement or repair of some of your electronics but don’t settle for less. Our team of committed public adjusters, licensed by the state Department of Finance, is here to represent your interests during an insurance claim process. We negotiate with your insurance company and leave no stone unturned until you receive your just settlement.


Call Experienced Public Adjusters for support with your lightning damage insurance claims.