Lightning Damage Tampa claim

Tampa is an important city in the sunshine state of Florida. Its naturally scenic beauty and water-front events coupled with vibrant parks and historic monuments make it an interesting place to live and work. However, Tampa is vulnerable to hurricanes which have historically caused extensive damage. Unabated population growth and construction along the coast including rising sea levels have increased its susceptibility to storms. These translate into lightning, gusty winds, hail and torrential rain. Lightning is the most dangerous as each spark of lightning could be five miles in length, with tremendously high temperatures of around 50,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Lightning destroys crops, livestock, aircraft, and properties.

The Tampa Bay region is known to face serious storms frequently. Your home in Tampa needs to be protected with an appropriate homeowner’s insurance policy that safeguards your home, family and personal possessions. Opt for an insurance policy that takes care of damage due to natural disasters like lightning as well as risks like theft, vandalism, plumbing leaks, and electricity, etc. When you decide to buy insurance, you must have detailed discussions with your insurance agent so there are no surprises when you file a claim for a damage loss. Installing a lightning protection system and an electric surge protector will both protect your home and help get a discount on your premium.

Claims for loss due to lightning damage can get very complicated as there is always a tussle between the insurance company and the client to prove that all the damage happened due to the lightning strike. If the lightning strike causes a fire in your home, then it’s straightforward but if some of your electronics stop working then your insurance company will ask you to prove that the electric surge was due to the lightning. At such times the services of a reputed public adjuster like Experienced Public Adjusters come in handy. If required we may obtain a lightning affidavit from a vendor to satisfy your insurance company. We have years of experience in dealing with insurance companies and understand their strategies well. Insurance companies are interested in making a profit so they look for ways and means to reduce or deny your claim settlement.

It may happen that the lightning didn’t spark a fire and a prima facie examination did not show any damage to your wiring. Under such circumstances, we will get a trusted electrical engineer to conduct an insulation resistance test, known as a MegOhm test to confirm if your home is safe. We also get your insurance company to cover additional living expenses until your home is considered safe to live in. Our team at Experienced Public Adjusters is a group of knowledgeable professionals licensed by the state Department of Finance to represent the public in matters related to their home insurance claims.

We have specialists on our team who are experts at resolving difficult insurance claims related to lightning damage. Experienced Public Adjusters are conveniently located in Downtown Tampa and are at your service 24/7. Contact us when you need help with lightning damage claims in Tampa.