Lightning Insurance Claim Help

Lightning Insurance Claims can be tricky, you need help in filing this type of claim because of the high risk of hidden damage and potential fire.

Did you know that the largest fire in California’s history – the August Complex Fire in August 2020 – that spread across one million acres, was started by lightning strikes? Lightning is unpredictable and extremely dangerous. In a flash, it can destroy crops, homes, aircraft, properties, and even human lives.

Looking for help with your lightning insurance claim?

Standard homeowner’s insurance policies cover a host of perils including damage from lightning. However, it’s always prudent to check what damages are included and what aren’t, or you may be in for a rude surprise when you try to file an insurance claim for lightning damages. Lightning can create a potential fire hazard. This simply means that after lightning hit, the wires in your home may not spark immediately but the high voltage spreading swiftly along your electrical wires can burn down your home. If you live in an area susceptible to thunderstorms and lightning, do invest in a lightning protection system and a surge protector. 

Hire the services of Experienced Public Adjusters so that your insurance claim is submitted properly if you’re confronted with lightning damage. There are many facets of lightning insurance claims that you may not know. You need the expertise of a good public adjuster like an Experienced Public Adjusters to assist you through these issues.

  •       Lightning causes direct as well as indirect damage. So, an electrical surge through a transformer hit by lightning may damage your electrical wiring and appliances including electronics and computers. Some insurance companies may require you to obtain a lightning affidavit signed by your repair person to ascertain if the power surge is related to the lightning. Also find out if damage to furniture, carpets, kitchen utensils, clothes due to the fire caused by lightning is covered or not.
  •       You may not be able to see lightning damage but a high voltage current is likely to lurk within the insulation and the conduits of your wiring hidden behind the walls. An insulation resistance test or a MegOhm test will pronounce your home safe or not. Our team will ensure that a master electrician or an electrical engineer carries out these tests on your property.
  •       The Proof of Loss document is a critical part of the claims process and carries a lot of weight, especially in lightning damage claims. Experienced Public Adjusters have the knowledge and skill to accurately complete these forms to avoid delays and disputes at a later stage.
  •       ‘The valued policy law’ applicable in cases of a total loss due to fire applies to total loss due to lightning as well. It requires insurance companies to pay the full value of a policy to the policyholder.
  •       Do find out the time limit for filing and submitting the proof of loss document as this may differ from state to state.

At Experienced Public Adjusters, we have a qualified team of professionals licensed by the state Department of Finance. We exist for our customers so whenever you need help with your lightning insurance claim, we are just a call away. Lightning damage claims are complex and challenging so why get embroiled in them and stress yourself when our team of experts can handle it very easily and get you a fair settlement.

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